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Kotobukiya ARTFX+ Arkham Knight 1/10 scale figure REVIEWWARNING: Picture heavy!

Hello everyone once again and welcome to our show, "The ICT hour!!!"

I'm your host, the man with the undying passion for the arts of collecting in tonight we're going to review the ARTFX+ 1/10 scale Arkham Knight figure from Kotobukiya ITEM #320337.
Before we'll start, let's first look at some background information of the character the figure is based on.

Information is taken from the Arkham Wiki page:

Might contain spoilers so read only if you played the games and read the comic-books.
View spoilerHide spoilerThe Arkham Knight was a mysterious military villain who emerged in Gotham City and was the antithetical version of Batman. He wore a militaristic "Batsuit" and had an Arkham symbol on his chest. He formed an Alliance with Scarecrow and struck a deal with Deathstroke to transform Gotham into a city of fear and end Batman. He was revealed as Jason Todd, formerly Robin before the Joker's torture at Arkham Asylum, but later abandoned his Arkham Knight persona when he realized Batman's trust and became the vigilante known as the Red Hood.

He was introduced as the secondary antagonist of Batman: Arkham Knight but in the climax he became the tertiary antagonist and finally an anti-hero on the ending.

The Arkham Knight seemed vengeful, but patient and calculating as well. He seemed to exploit opportunities as they were presented to him, such as discovering the Joker's diary or taking advantage of Batman's presence at Ace Chemicals to instruct his men to avoid aiming at the armored sections of his suit. He also seemed psychopathic, and displayed no regard for the "weak" that Batman protected, and was contemptuous of the Dark Knight's principles and mercilessly killed those he deemed deserving, such as the second Electrocutioner and remaining members of Joker's gang, in cold blood.

The Arkham Knight donned a militaristic version of the Batsuit that mocked Batman's appearance. The inside of his helmet and the tactical visor that covered it gave him a heads up display of his troops throughout Gotham and the ears relayed his commands to his troops. The visor also appeared to mask his voice as his main means of concealing his identity. By using the Arkham symbol on his chest plate, he inflicted psychological warfare on Batman, which reminded him of the past Arkham events. The chest plate also acted as a countermeasure to the Batclaw. After he revealed his identity as Jason Todd before his final battle with Batman, he discarded his visor, and revealed a featureless, bowl-shaped helmet that glowed red. He continued to use it following his transition to the Red Hood.

Panels on his upper arms and lower shins, and his chest plate glowed dark blue as the Knight, and when he discarded the visor, the under-helmet and aforementioned panels glowed red.

Now that we're done with all that, LET'S HEAD STRAIGHT TO THE REVIEW!!!


9/10, The box definitely answers all my expectations from a cardboard box for a figure. First, it's thick cardboard, not that thin flimsy shit most figures today use, which means the box is plenty durable for shipping. Second, it has original illustrations of the character on it, also of Batman and of Gotham going to hell like it is in the setting of the game and lastly, you also get a window to see the figure in question.

On the inside, the only things that are covered in the blister, is the broken window frame and the Arkham Knight himself. The rest of the base parts (yes, base parts) are neatly packed inside a piece of thick cardboard box underneath the blister with individual nylon bags for the various types of parts you get, aswell as a manual on ways you can put these parts together to build some example type bases (more on that during the review).

Overall, really liking the box so far, it's also not oversized considering everything you get which is also great!

Now for some box shots:

Box front

Box left

Box back

Box right

Box top

Box bottom

Box inside

Blister front

Blister back


The figure originally released in November 24th 2015, it was made out of PVC&ABS at 1/10 scale with the height of him alone from top to bottom in that rushing pose at about 14cm (no idea wtf is that measurement on MFC standing for). It was sculpted by M.I.C ENTRY #8425, painted by Franken ENTRY #145846 and manufactured by Kotobukiya ENTRY #7621. Now for the more in-detail critiques of this figure.

Sculpt: 8.5/10 (rounded to 9 because it's that great), Right of the bat, I must say that M.I.C has done a wonderful job at sculpting this figure from head to toe and after seeing some of his other works (some are even figures I looked at this following year ITEM #1043751, ITEM #1102882 and another one that I really want ITEM #829648) I realized how good he is and got impressed with his touch for both western characters and anime characters, he really knows how to sculpt them well.

So from top to bottom, Knight's helmet is sculpted really well, with nice detail to the grooves on the back from the various layers the helmet actually has, to the ears and to the fact the front of the helmet is glossy/semi transparent, which only furthers the accuracy to his look in the game.

His torso looks amazing with a lot of detail put into his armor plates on the chest and the upper-back. The various belts and straps that are attached to his torso are also well sculpted.

His arms look fantastic and the armor on them looks good aswell, the the detail on his gauntlets and the fact that the Arkham emblem is a sculpt on his shoulder plates is just great, same thing can be said about his gloves and about his pistol (no idea why he never sculpted his 2nd one equipped on his body somewhere though as he does use 2 pistols in the game).

The lower half of the body is great too! once again great detail on the armor which this time is present on his lower legs and the detail to his belt is also good, great attention to his pockets which seem to store magazines for his pistols, the 2 grenades/smoke bombs and what seems like a flashbang on his right pouch.

One complaint I have with this figure is that the metal peg that he has came rusty as hell right out of the box!


However with a piece of sponge, cloth and careful application of WD-40 on the sponge and cloth, I managed to remove some of the rust from the peg, but not completely all of it


I would blame this on the fact that the figure is getting closer to 10 years old (currently now it's about 6-7) but I don't think it's such a long time period for a figure to be in this state, especially if the figure was originally sealed!

Overall, the sculpt is really great and definitely resembles the Arkham Knight properly.

Paint job: 8/10, Franken did a pretty good job with the paintwork of our Knight but I still have some nitpicks about it. Like always let's go over it from top to bottom.

The helmet got a nice paintwork to it, I really like how the blue armor parts are not just semi-shiny blue but also seem to have glitters on them? I think it adds a lot to the vibrance of his militarist batsuit. This might be just me, but I'm not the biggest fan of the color the front of his helmet is painted in, as in the game it's actually somewhat blue-light blue so giving it that really really dark blue color seems odd to me, as if his visor is turned off or something.

The torso is also well painted! the blue plates also have that glittery touch and it seems like they also got a bit of shading to them. The rest of the torso has a pretty flat paintjob as the suit has a lot of dark colors to it but the accuracy of the painting is high and the amount of colors used is also quite impressive. For example, the color of the armor plates on the upper back and the cloth he's wearing underneath is actually different.

The arms have the same paint idea as the torso, glitter and a bit of shading on the blue armor parts and the rest is flat yet accurate and diverse in colors, also the pistol is just fully in silver which is a shame as I thought it'll have more paint detail.

The lower half is also well painted, I like the white and red marks militarist pattern of the outfit and the different colors used for the boots, aswell as for the belt and it's utilities.

Overall the paint job is quite good for the most part, I just think that it could've been nice if they added some more detail in certain parts.

Pose: 9/10, The Arkham Knight's pose on this figure looks fantastic! with the combination of his militarist-looking batsuit, having him rushing like a soldier is definitely fitting first of all, and with the somewhat top-bulkiness of the armor, it also looks good on that regard. It's also a badass pose which works wonderfully with the base setup I made for myself which is great.


9/10, Rarely do I show my appreciation towards a figure base and it could be for various things, it could be made well in my opinion, it can look really good while being made properly and also it can be unique, and this base here is definitely unique if I do say so myself!

Fore the reference, these are the parts I got with the figure to make a custom base:


That will feel a lot when you build your configuration on your first few times but then you'll feel like you can do more, and then you'll probably go and buy this figure too so you can pose him and the Knight in an epic battle scene and have more extra parts for your setups ITEM #235298, But I haven't bought him since I hate his cape.

If you build the base, for the love of god, and your sanity, do not hook the connectors into the holes on the various plates, there are rails between each hole that can support the connectors when you connect them there, it's also much easier to disassemble the base later for a different configuration. The holes are simply too tight and with the placement of the plates, it could be very difficult to take apart the base, and you even risk breaking something with how tight these holes are.

The fact you can decide how your base would look like is a really unique idea for a figure and it even properly holds my figure with it's single metal peg just fine, so it's also properly designed! This base just keeps getting better and better.

It's sculpt is pretty nice and the paint job is amazing! the wash on the stone plates (I presume?) looks gorgeous and quite realistic too.

Overall, it's an amazing base. Liked a lot.

Now let's look at some specific angle shots of the Arkham Knight himself:

Shot 1

Shot 2

Shot 3

Shot 4

Shot 5

Shot 6

Now for more general angles:





my personal setup


I really like this figure. It's well sculpted, the paint job is good and the base is just an amazing concept that works fantastically. I can't describe how amazed I was with it when I started to assemble his setup after getting him, and for half the price on the western market SEALED compared to the Japanese market. Apparently western characters figures made by Japanese companies are pretty well-priced on the western market. best 65$+free shipping I ever spent in my life on a scale.

And that's the end of the review! Make sure to vote in the poll below which of the following figures/kits you'd like to see me review next. Our contestants for the next review are the following: ITEM #995270, ITEM #1109853, ITEM #1234400, www.hpoi.net/ho..., www.hpoi.net/ho..., www.hpoi.net/ho....

So that's it for tonight! Thank you all for reading through it all. I was the guy who collects toys and I'll see all of you gorgeous plastic scavengers in the future! Adios!
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Paint job

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Great review.

I really enjoy ARTFX and ARTFX line of product, even if 1/10 is a bit small (would rather like 1/8). Most of the time, they bring out nice figures with good posing, quality not on the highest high but more than descent and an afordable prices.

Also, Monika seems to appreciate the unboxing too :3
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