Stereotypes you ACTUALLY fit into?Stereotypes you ACTUALLY fit into?Ask MFC

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Hey MFC! Today I come with a question, as well as a rant I guess? A while ago I wrote an article about assumptions people make about this hobby and people in it, but I never did it's counterpart, what assumptions or stereotypes you actually fit into! I figured that since it's late and I have nothing better to do, I'd ask that question today. MFC, what stereotypes do you fall under as an anime/video game fan? As always, I'll go first!

Ok so I actually fall under a couple stereotypes. The first one being that I obviously have a figure collection. I don't hide it, in fact I like to show it off to people I know! Not to brag, but more to share what I enjoy. That's one of the biggest reasons I opened a MFC account and write articles and talk to people on here! It might be a stereotype, but like if you're on this site right now, we all fall under it XD

My second one would be listening to Japanese music as well as video game music. Honestly I don't even understand why this is a stereotype to begin with. I mean I understand Vocaloid or anything with an anime-style icon fitting into the category, but the rest of it is honestly a head scratcher. Unpopular opinion incoming, but I actually find most Japanese music and video game soundtracks better than probably more than 80% of western music or anything in that sub-genre. Like don't get me wrong, like what you like, but I'm not the biggest fan of rap or country music or anything like that, and it seems to be all that plays anymore (Aside from Octane and Lithium XD) Maybe it's just because I grew up listening to what my parents played, but I honestly can't stand most of it XD Anyway, I was listening to Babymetal YEARS before I started watching anime. Surprisingly, my Dad showed it to me for the first time and I've kinda just liked Japanese music ever since! As for video game music, I didn't start listening to any of it until I was around 9 or 10? I had just gotten into Kingdom Hearts and had actually heard how the music had impacted the game play. Listening to the soundtracks kinda blend with whatever is going on on-screen at that exact moment, be it a massive fight scene or a more heartfelt scene, the music always seemed to fit. I've started to notice it more and more as I grow, with my respect for it reaching an all time high after seriously getting into Zelda recently!

My third and final one I fit is art. I draw. A LOT. And I mainly draw because of anime and such. Honestly I can't really have any argument over this one, it's the honest truth! In fact, the only reason I draw today is because of Naruto. More specifically Masashi Kishimoto. He's honestly one of my heroes and after reading the Naruto manga a couple years back, my respect for mangakas has skyrocketed. Like I barelyhave motivation to finish pencil sketches sometimes, so when I see full length manga like that, I just have nothing but admiration. That's why I draw, because of anime and manga, though I mainly draw video game characters now, primarily Link, Cloud, Sora, and NieR characters XD

So you might be asking, "Why do we wanna read about how we fit into stereotypes?" or something like that. To that, I have one answer. I want to help you feel like you're able to share what you like while being stereotyped like that! Whenever I bring up anime around my friends or some family members, I often get told that I need to find a life outside of anime and video games. That I need to "expand my horizons." My bestfriend and I were talking one time for almost an hour, and I hadn't brought up anime even once yet. I was excited to share some new figures I got with him, and I waited patiently to bring it up. As soon as I showed him, he told me, and this is his direct quote; "Why don't you have a personality outside of anime?" I was honestly so shocked I didn't know what to say. Obviously my entire personality isn't anime or video games. Sure they make up a decent part of it, but there's so much more to me than just that. When I tried to explain to him how I have an actual life, he almost INSTANTLY shut me down. It brought about the nickname "Little anime boy" among my friend group. It hurts sometimes sure, that kinda stuff always stings. But because of it, I try to keep any anime related topic out of our conversions.

Now, you might have another question for me. "How tf is this supposed to help at all?!" And that's a great question. But my lecture thing isn't quite finished. Overall, my point is that sharing what you like might backfire sometimes, but sometimes it can honestly bring about something amazing. Sure I might have a newfound nickname for myself with some of my friends, but because of that, they've all actually become interested in anime! Even my bestfriend who previously criticized me for it! I've formed bonds over anime and video games, which led to greater friendships! If I hadn't shared what I liked in some way, I would have just made myself sad and depressed. I would have had to hide apart of myself rather than take a chance. I haven't regretted telling a single person so far. Sure there are some jerks along the way, but that'll happen even before you tell someone. That's just life, so why not spend it showing what you love! It's better to live than have a life.

Sorry for that long freaking rant at the end, though I do hope you found some sort of meaning throughout it! What stereotypes do you fall under and what stories do you have relating to them? Let me know, I always love hearing from you guys! Anyway, thank you for reading, and as always,you rock!

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heartmachine (^▽^)
honestly I am pretty shut in/reserved but I'm aware it's my fault since I cut so many people off this year. I wouldn't necessarily call myself anti-social but I've been suffering from social anxiety since middle school, & due to exhaustion my "social battery" never seems to refill or whatever so I only speak up when necessary. I used to draw & paint but I've stopped after getting diagnosed with arthritis as it makes moving painful.

I feel like enjoying anime and manga is already a given being apart of this community, along with music related to it & such, I have a 5hr playlist for that.
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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Man, that sucks! But I know that feeling. I was the "nerdy" guy in my group and got put down from time to time. Usually because of how limited and focused my interests were at the time.

As far as stereotypes go, I'm the "Shy" guy. I can be down with it, be extremely sociable, but some people pick up right away I'm a very reserved and self-conscious person. Add in my nerdy and sometimes niche hobbies, unfamiliarity with pop culture and social media and over analytical nature, it's easy to get pegged as awkward.

For better or for worse, I've just grown to accept it. I go at my own pace and just do my own thing.
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I have a very weeby taste in music, and my interests are very limited to weeb shit and memes. I still live at home and I'm very withdrawn/reserved. I also loooove fanfiction, idk if that's a sterotype but I always have and I always well (especially self insert) LMAO
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hmm.. this is interesting.

i don't superficially fall into any of the typically thrown around stereotypes- i'm almost 40, married, into designer clothing and accessories and my passion is landscape film photography. i have a sarcastic, very loud, standoffish and rambunctious personality in person. i have zero problem telling people to fck off when necessary. i like to laugh, tell jokes and play pranks on coworkers. if strangers had to guess, they probably think i'm the sort of woman who spent time in clubs, a sorority, or other social gatherings.

when people find out about my figure collecting they're usually completely surprised and confused (tbh, IRL, people have no idea what they are). (bonus tip- i've never been to a bar in my entire life and i hate parties and social gatherings lol)

i suppose though, people tend to get over the surprise and confusion using the age old stereotype- "oh, you're asian though: you people love that cute stuff."

so yes, i do love cute stuff and i happen to be (half) asian and i did grow up with it so it was never considered anything out of place in my life or my family's. my black half of the family also just waved it off as "an asian thing." lol
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Besides the obvious like reading manga, playing Japanese video games and watching anime here and there. I do fall under the weeaboo stereotype.

Anti-social: I am a professional rotter and can spend weeks rotting at home without human contact. I also work by myself and have a couple online businesses, one of the reasons why is because I hate working with other people.

Mentally ill: Have several mental illnesses, including but not limited to: dissociative identity disorder and complex PTSD.

No partner: Tfw no gf, it is truly over.

Live with parent(s): I live with my single mother and I intend to live with her forever, partly because of what I mentioned above.

So basically, I am that guy in his moms basement who is anti-social and the whole nine yards.

But these traits have been my reality even before I was into figure collecting.
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I’m a little anti social and have a hard time mustering up the courage to speak to people (doesn’t help that I stumble over words easily). Gotten better over the years but I still get anxiety being around people other than my friends. I’ve just accepted that while it won’t go away, I can at least learn to manage it.

I made cat noises in middle school. Few friends in high school. Avoided eating lunch in high school since I rarely had anyone to sit with. I don’t do this anymore, but I sympathize with anyone who can only talk about anime and “geeky” stuff because that was me at one point.

Still listening to vocaloid music 10 years later. Very bad at athletics, except badminton. Proud to say I never said any Japanese words unprompted.
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I have a son? Maybe it's time to stop raw-dogging those hookers
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LycheeRose Giant Rat ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ
I saw someone else said they fit into the stereotype of people who like anime being autistic, so I guess I fit in that too! I thought it was mostly just anime fans being antisocial and awkward, but I can see how that would extend to autistic people as well.

Like others here I also fit into the mentally ill stereotype. No worries though, I’m seeing much better days now!
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Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
Being a super anti-social shut-in would be the biggest for me
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