Queen's Blade - Cattleya - Revoltech - 1/12 - QB-009 (Kaiyodo)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - Revoltech - 1/12 - QB-009 (Kaiyodo)Review

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Review - Revoltech QB Cattleya


Revoltech Queen's Blade 2nd Season Series Nº.009 (New Revoltech-42)
Character: Cattleya
Series: Queen's Blade (Game Book & Anime)
Character Design: Hiraku Kaneko
Sculptor: Eiichiro Matsumoto
Manufactory: Kaiyodo
Distributed: Hobby Japan (Hobby Stock)
Height: ~14,5cm
Materials: PVC, ABS, POM, Nylon (juntas)
Price: 2900 ienes (~U$29)
Release Date: 01 March 2010

A little about Queen's Blade:
Quee'n Blade is originally a series of Game Books, picture books used to play. Each book features a character, each character is created by an artist who illustrates their content. The problem here is that I have never seen a QB Game Book of truth, only the interior illustrations for the Internet and therefore do not know for sure how the game is, it works like an RPG or another rule. 'll Only idea to get my QB's Revoltech Aldra, as an exclusive product that will come together with a Game Book.
Queen's Blade has become very popular in Japan, winning the first season of a cartoon in 2009 into 12 chapters. This first season has not ended, and there was a second season in 2010. In the anime, the story revolves around the character Leiner. Cattleya appears as a minor character, being a forger of swords (the origin is given in the Game Book).


After recasting the Kaiyodo made in the Revoltech's Universe, creating the title of New Revoltech (NB) in July 2009, standardizing their boxes and increasing the scale of their AFs, much improved. Not only increased the size of the box, as a larger box the number of extras may be higher. The box of New Revoltech (NR) has the same dimensions of the boxes of figmas series [MGL Nanoha StrikerS], so it is a little thinner. Apparently the Queen's Blade series has replaced the Fraulein's series being that from the launch of Leina, the Fraulein's series went into "standby".
I don't know why Kaiyodo decided to consider the release of Queen's Blade series from the character Alleyne (Series No. .007) as a 2nd Series, changing the colors of the boxes to shades of green. The first series, whose characters are Leina, Airi, Echidna, Nanael, Melona and Menace have the box in shades of red. But the pattern of the box was held, featuring a front window in the format of a "Q" and product photos on the back. At the bottom of the box is informative illustrations on how to handle the Revolver joints-Joints, but despite showing a pair of pliers to handle, it is okay to use the pliers that developed exclusively for the Kaiyodo Revoltech line (pliers on plastic). And as Japanese loves creating litter, the box comes with a "belt" of advertisements about the product, as well as listings of upcoming releases.


The inner plastic shield that holds the figure and accessories is in default black background and a transparent cover. Always on the cover in the area of the face of the character is made that square format so you can see the face without distortion. The figure also comes protected with small plastic, separating the body parts. Besides the figure, follows two pairs of hands (one pair to wield the sword), two extra faces (SEME MODE / mode of attack and MAKE MODE / Mode of defeat), a extra bang without glasses, sword in two parts (blade and wrist), a "swimsuit" battle damage, the hinged base, the Revol-container, and an orange sheet of 10 points (adding the chips can be exchanged for gifts).


The figure is well carved and well prepared. Note a rapid evolution in the design of Revoltech figures QB since the launch of Leina and Airi. It is the largest figure in the series, but despite this, the Revoltech series QB has no scale. The "swinsuit" is made of soft material. Cattleya's breasts are still "soft," which has been much explored in the launch of the figure.


The traditional clothes in battle damage: in soft material, but very difficult to be replaced. All figures in the Revoltech series Queen's Blade has this option, one that "expose" more, others less.


The ideal is to use the hinged base, but the figure can be put up only with the base by a pin that fits into the heel of the right boot. This base is always with the inscriptions "Revoltech Queen's Blade" and the name and number of the character. Unfortunately, this base has changed in my Cattleya, been inscribed "Series No. .007 Alleyne."


The exchange face system of Queen's Blade figures is similar to that used in figma line. But here, the bang has a hinge that sits on top of his head, and rises to the fringe for the exchange of faces, without removing it (although this is possible in some pictures). As this is a fringe extra Cattleya without glasses, you can remove the fringe to the exchange.


The figure comes with a choice of three faces: a neutral, an aggressive (SEME MODE / attack mode) and a sad (MAKE MODE / so defeat). All painted faces came without errors. Already bangs with glasses, I found that painting the rims of the glasses could have been painted with great care, since it is observed a certain irregularity in thickness painted.


To change your clothes you must remove the head and neck. You must disengage the part of clothing that covers the bust and put it back.


Remove the bust. Note that the sinuses are hollow and therefore soft. Then you must remove the legs. The strips back (braces) is connected to purple thong (wire-smelling), and these strips are not glued to the belt loop, one should pull it down and remove the parts of the abdomen along with the hip. It is a very ingenious system, but lack of instructions inside the box makes the process of exchanging a little hard to do.


The clothes are fine just the body, so it is somewhat difficult to adjust them to the body of the figure. To replace the swimsuit is to pull and the part that covers the busts, but must be done carefully because despite being one-piece swimsuit, the thong is just glued on the front of the swimsuit. And that part that covers the busts are in place, and inside it should be positioned on the two cavities justamante nipples to keep it secure.


tomy of a Revoltech Queen's Blade. Are altogether 16 Revolver-Joints: 3 joints 4mm (fists and ponny-tail), 9 joints 6mm and 8mm 4 joints (thorax, abdomen, hips and knees).


Despite being dismantled, it is necessary to do this very carefully, because some parts can be extremely fragile, such as the hip, which is not a solid object. Joints (Revolver Joints) are fragile and must be removed carefully, always with the pins aligned without twisting them.


The figure has great articulation, and we can do a myriad of poses. The extras are great too, complementing very well. One thing that some people may notice is that the figures revoltechs are a bit "clumsy" than other similar AFs, but due to the type of joint. The base does not help much to hold the poses, which I consider one of the points where the Revoltech line needs to urgently rethink.


Unfortunately, the series seems to have cooled, and the Kaiyodo left the months of May and June without release for the series and the final figure announced was Aldra, scheduled for launch in late July. No single figure was announced, although a new series of books appear (Queen's Blade Rebellion). I would appreciate a Revoltech of Risty, Tomoyo and Shizuka. Thankfully, announced Alice from Queen's gate.
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Nice review!
5 vuotta sitten
It was fun to see her totally taken apart. I have one of the other Queen's Blade figures, and I knew they came apart, but that is a LOT of pieces.
She has such funny proportions, but looks really accurate to the pictures of her.
Nice review. Thanks for sharing.
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BentoDefinitely much better! Play Arts Kai's bases are the most useless things ever released ... At least the bases of the QB used to do some poses on the figures. Still think the bases of figmas to do the best poses.

I was preoccupied when I saw the grade. If it was worst than Play Arts would be something...
10 vuotta sitten
Definitely much better! Play Arts Kai's bases are the most useless things ever released ... At least the bases of the QB used to do some poses on the figures. Still think the bases of figmas to do the best poses.
10 vuotta sitten
There's so much photo. :-O Impressive review.

I'm not fan of the character, but the AF seems well done. The base is better or worst than the new Play Arts base?
10 vuotta sitten
Thanx 4 comments!
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nice photos
10 vuotta sitten
Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
Great review and nice lettering as always! :D
My Revoltech Cattleya doubles as my stress reliever. XD
www.youtube.com... (vid kinda NSFW)
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