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Okay, here goes my first ever figure review! This time I'll be reviewing the nendoroid version of the character Hirasawa Yui from K-On. My English isn't that good, please forgive my grammatical errors.

I waited long enough for her. About one month of saving money for the sake of her, and almost half a year I waited for her to be released from a prison called 'Customs', and it was around one week I spent waiting for her arrival to my home. Maybe that's why I really treasure her. She's my first authentic nendoroid and the first figure I bought by ordering from my friend.

Ahem, onto the review!



Yui comes with a normal nendoroid box with bright pink color. I was shocked they comes with pink for Yui, but then I re-thinks about it, it fits her personality well. The package is just normal and typical. One complaint from me is, the bright pink color on the box's outside contradict with the bright yellow color inside the box, and it kind of makes me feel dizzy.



Yui is really well-sculpted for a super-deformed figure. She's really adorable, and the sculptor sure gets her expressions nice and cute. Yui in her school uniform is just simple, nothing too complicated here. The part I love the most is her hair. Everything is just nice and sweet.


But it's not that perfect--- I found an error on the back of her skirt. I wonder if this is due to GSC's quality control, or this is caused by a fall Yui have one week ago.



Yui's painting is very neat and tidy, the shade on her hair was really nice. But for the painting I love the most, is her guitar, Giita. It is really nice and neat, I love the red color.


Unfortunately due to a fall Yui gets one week ago, the right side of her hair's color becomes a little....well just say, tainted. I don't really know, but maybe nendoroid's painting is easily torned....But since it's my own fault, it doesn't affect the scoring much.




There's a lot of pose Yui can do. Compared to a normal action figure her poses was limited but I think for a nendoroid she does have lots of poses. With her three expression and variety of accessories, you can recreate scenes from K-On. It's a bit hard to make Yui sits normally, I don't really want to try it since I'm afraid it'll break her legs....



Yui's base is plain. It was transparent-white, and as I see online is was practically the same with other nendoroids. To make Yui stand alone there's some kind of grabber in the stand. Honestly, I dislike this kind of stand since it's hard to make her pose well and it looks a bit ugly, but it was better than creating holes in her body.



Yui is really adorable! I enjoy posing her in various poses. Her accessories, expressions and parts work out well on making this figure fun. This can be a heaps more fun if I have another nendoroid and switches her faces and such.



When I received her the strap for Giita is broken. I think this is the shop's error, but I don't fully blame them since as my friend the shopkeeper said, she's rare this days so there'll be a chance this nendoroid is a secondhand too. I still can pose her with Giita, but with a chance Giita will fall, so I don't display her with Giita now.


This really made me want other nendoroids! I really recommended this figure for fans of K-On and those who loves cute action figures.
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And I complain because customs here hold the package for almost a month, sometimes. >.< Half year is ridiculous. Nice review. ^_^
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