Ga-Rei -Zero- - Tsuchimiya Kagura - Figma - 066 (Max Factory)Ga-Rei -Zero- - Tsuchimiya Kagura - Figma - 066 (Max Factory)Review

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figma O66 Kagura Tsuchimiya
Character: Kagura Tsuchimiya
Series: Ga-Rei: Zero (anime)
Creator: Segawa Hajime
Sculptor: Masaki Asai
Company: Max Factory
Distributed: Good Smile Company
Size: ~14,0cm
Materials: PVC, ABS
Price: 2800 ienes (~U$28)
Release Date: Aphril de 2010 (Japan)

A brief summary of the series: Ga-Rei: Zero is an animation (2008, 12 chapters) which tells the facts before the facts narrated in the manga [Ga-Rei], showing that in the past the relationship between Kagura and Yomi was quite different presented in the manga. Ga-Rei: Zero which can be translated as "spirit-eater: zero", chronicles the Kagura and Yomi supernatural adventures. In January this year, the manga had its conclusion and Max Factory took to bring the series protagonist on a version figma. As with some series, the animation was also produced during the course of the history of manga. The story of the manga has never been adapted for animation.


The box, the dimensions of the patterns figma figures, brings chain arts referring to certain elements of the series: Kagura has her spirit "chained" to the spirit Byakuei, in addition, reference chains of his spiritual sword "Michael 12".


Extras: two extra faces (smiling and serious), five pairs of hands (one pair without joints in the wrists, with a hand witg phone and a special hand to hold the scabbard), spiritual sword "Michael 12", scabbard , chain, metal and dagger used in the last episode of the animated series.


Figure with very simple design, following the trace of the animated series, because the trace of the manga is veeeeeeeeery different. Like other female characters with short skirts, this is also in soft material and divided into two parts, allowing the legs have good mobility. One detail: opted for a soft material, but with a glossy finish, something that other figures in a skirt is usually opaque finish.


The faces are well done, demonstrating well the character's personality, which is always smiling. In the first photo, the face that comes from the factory and you can see the hand "special" to hold the scabbard of "Michael 12", which curiously features a device similar to the trigger of a firearm. Another pair of hands is different with the gestures of invocation.


The sword "Michael 12", the sheath and the chain. Note that the chain comes with those typical hooks of even necklaces. Too bad the parts where the chain is set are made of plastic.


In terms of mobility, again a great job by Max Factory. The sailor-style collar hides the shoulder joints. The torso (shirt) is made of soft material and hidden joints and it is possible to give small inclinations in the abdomen forward and back and sides. But despite being soft blouse, she tends to "get back" the original form and therefore the mobility of the joints of the "abdomen" is quite limited.


The lining of the box also comes with detachable area to be used as "cover" for bases di: stage. But it would be nice to come an art of Byakuei, even in the paper-craft... I know, it's impossible Max Factory release a figma of Byakuei, due to its size, but it would be nice to have at least one art to put on di: next stage of Kagura.

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Excellent review. I didn't grabbed her. She really annoyed me in the anime. >.<
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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