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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
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Well, this just dropped. ITEM #1708840

I'm that one fool who wished Dragon Maid had more figures. My wish came true. I should've bit my tongue.

I thought I'd give a mini update on my life. I wrote a Debbie Downer article that I privated musing about getting laid off. Been out of the job for 3 weeks while drawing unemployment. Me and my dad finally got called in to work... during nightshift. Well, it's something.

View spoilerHide spoilerIt's been 3 years since I've worked at night. Spent this whole time in day shift. We got bumped off. The company promised us this year they won't be doing these constant lay-offs like last year and have stronger orders. They lied.

We were hoping this nightshift schedule is temporary. My dad theorized a few people took vacation days because of Thanksgiving. That seems unlikely however since there seems to be a good amount of employees. We thought of contacting HR about the situation. But we doubt they would do anything about.

I really don't like nightshift. I won't say I hate the supervisors. But they kind of do baby me and the way how they section people seems kind of sexist. Guys get to pack while women sort. There's also no switching whenever on the tray lines. You are stuck standing at your position for those 2 hours. At least on day shift, there's a switching routine.

Here's the kicker. My dad found out this guy who only worked one year got called in to volunteer in repack. No surprise, they kept him. It is competitive to get into that area. They hardly have any available spots. The hours and pay is also nice.

Another discovery that boiled our blood is the deranged company got to keep their new employees for day shift. When we first started out it was like "screw you, you are new." and got laid off for 3 months. Now it's all backwards. Seniority means jack squat in their world. Favoritism runs in the blood. Heck, machine operators even if new qualify for bonus pay.

Ok, I know this is a figure site and not r/Vent. I bet some of you would rather read about the Kanna figure. Anyhow, I am in a financial mess and my wished material goods are making me go FOMO. I wished that China dress Kanna wasn't announced. I'm scared that she will cost an extra pretty penny because it's Fuyru and her aftermarket will crash if I wait too long.

Same goes for the Maid Cafe girls. (ITEM #1419540 & ITEM #1419541) I was praying they will get delayed to December. That way I could save up and finally have the chance to buy them. But they seemed to have already been shipped to homes. Looking at the Hpoi photos.

I sometimes wish I wasn't so materialistic. But oddly enough, collecting is a part of who I am. That part of me gives me some meaning in my life. I know, that sounds shallow.

These luxury dreams are motivating me to finally stop waiting for a prince to rescue me and do something with my life. I know I am better than that. I don't want to be designated forever to stand all day to pack and sort fruit. Eventually I need to learn to drive and find better jobs. No more excuses. Also end my social anxiety malarkey by improving my social skills. Even though that is my toughest challenge of them all.

Despite going through a mid-life crisis during my days being in a birdcage. A kind stranger gave me a heads up on this grail I spent 3 years hunting for. I previously wrote an article about it here. While being vague on the title of the good in question. BLOG #54252 Now, it's time I unveil the name of my treasure... https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/F64AAOSwQtFhIyJl/s-l1600.jpg The life size Alolan Vulpix plush by Tomy! Aka Lillie's Snowy from the Sun and Moon anime. ITEM #607826

I unfortunately was late when I discovered her and the aftermarket prices were skyrocketing. Used to spend everyday browsing on a lot of bookmarks hoping to find the unicorn price. Eventually I kind of gave up because I was mentally losing hope.

Until a few weeks ago. That aforementioned good Samaritan reminded me that there was this mysterious Pokemon plush lot going up for auction that had the rare fox! Yes, I know I was spending my money while being laid off. But she was my long awaited dream that I wanted to have in my arms. I couldn't pass.

Winning that bid gave me serotonin and decreased my depression for a short period. Was even motivated to work on some chores. That grail is my silver lining. A sign of hope and a reminder the future might get better. I really hope so.
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That Vulpix is adorable! Congrats on the win :)
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Congrats on winning the bid! I just caught one of those last night in Pokemon GO. Edit: possibly look into security guard work. Its always something available in that department and depending on the type of contract you go for your job could even consist of just walking a perimeter every couple of hours and watching movies.
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Congratulations on getting such a lovely grail! Also I hope things will improve for you in the job!
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That's an awesome grail and I'm so glad you managed to snag it! Hope you post another article or pics when it arrives. Sometimes you need a little boost to get things going again, and that's just as important as investing your future. I know exactly how that feels so zero shame on spending money on something you really really want :)

I have the life size Victini plush which I adore but I think I'd love to have a huge whopper of a Pokemon plush someday like the life size Arcanine one, or I think there's a Snorlax one too? I think that'd be so funny and amazing to have in my house. Basically, life size Pokemon plushies are the best lol.
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We're in this together. We will live rich and lavish; we just have to keep learning and experimenting. A passive income option will be very helpful for our goals.

Until we figure that out though, let's just enjoy today. <3
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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