Se Kirara - Kawamura Yuu - Figma - School Uniform - 075 (Max FacSe Kirara - Kawamura Yuu - Figma - School Uniform - 075 (Max FacReview

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I love the Figma line. There a great product at a great price. To be honest, I normally only order figures from shows that I have seen, and enjoy..but this Figma was an exception. I did eventually look up what she was from (and as of today Iv pre-ordered the rest from this series)

I made an exception of my "only shows i know" for this Figma, because she has pink hair and cooks. I have pink hair and cook (yes these are facts). I have gone and played the game and really enjoyed it (I love these kinds of games).

But on to the figure!

Sculpting: 9/10. Theres a lot of good detailing in this figure. The ruffles on the bottom of her dress are nicely detailed and hands are of the Figma quality you would expect.

Painting: 9/10 I like the little design on her dress. Its a good paint job, i found no issues with mine (though others have told me theres a little paint problems on the socks). I don't have the "sock" issue on mine, so I'm not going to let that affect its score. The face is very lively. I love her eyes.

Posing: Its a Figma. You pose it. Its a little stiff out of the box, but like others, she just takes a little time to loosen up.

Base: The normal.

Packing: I don't care about a figures box to be honest. I only keep boxes of figures that cost me over 100 bucks now. I live in an apartment, so its hard to keep items like that. The box is nice.

Enjoyment: 10/10. I love this Figma. I love all her parts! Its just a great figure. Even if you don't know the game I recommend her. She soooo cute, and her cooking stuff can be put on any Figma!
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Good review... But the lack of pictures and the real need of total description of the figure should be apparent... But, none the less... A good review
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Not a bad effort. I highly recommend proof-reading next time, the grammar and spelling errors kept distracting me. Pictures would help too, as Kimonotaku said. You could also expand a lot on some of your points. The base being 'the normal' is barely of any help. Does she fit in her peg well? Does the base support her weight? Is it hard to insert said peg due to her school uniform? Lots of room for improvement, so keep at it!
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Hi Yukimos =D
Your review isn´t too bad but if you take a few pictures the review will be fantastic. Yeah, a lot of us do the same think, we pick figures from series that we don´t know, for example, Kureha from Shining Wind or Makise from Steins; Gate. In any case, try to take pictures for show how great that figma is =D.
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