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Warning: Review contains sarcasm. Do not read if your loyalty to Kojima or whosoever is insidious to your heart.

I shall not and would not be held responsible for whatever "OMG how dare you! Kojima is God! Kojima-sama wa Kamina-desu!!!!" moments you might repeatedly suffer along the way.

Also, please remember that I am reviewing this from the perspective of a toy collector and not from the perspective of a Metal Gear fan.

Now then.

Character's Name: Naked Snake (Big Boss)
Version: Sneaking Suits Version Zero
Origin: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
Series: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Play Arts Kai
SRP: $48.99
Note: Japan Expo, San Diego Comic Con, Hong Kong Anime Festival and Kojima's NY Presscon Exclusive. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide (IIRC).


The Version Zero is a rejected color scheme for Big Boss' Sneaking Suits. So as to say, this is one of the prototype colors for his sneaking suits. The Sneaking Suit here is colored Gun Metal and his undershirt being Orange.


http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/MGS/th_Boss11.jpg http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/MGS/th_Articulate08.jpg
Likeness to the character is top-notch. Much better than a cartoonish-looking Medicom RAH. Body Proportions are well-proportionate also.

Nice Muscles and Abs.

The fiber belts looked like fiber at first but they're really well-detailed plastic.
The belt bags are well-detailed too. There's even a water jug but too bad, you can't remove it. Oh well, not really important.

Detail: 10/10
Square-Enix outdid themselves this time. Compares to Chris Redfield; Big Boss looks quite good for his canonical age in both the video game and action figure form.

The paint job is what sets this figure apart from the regular Sneaking Suits version.

The skin-tight suit is painted in Gun Metal or almost silvery hue. It scintillates like a brand-new steel pipe when viewed under any light source.

If you're gonna sneak, I think it would be better if you'd look invisible rather than shiny. But since this is just a toy, I'd say this paint job is a nice touch. I don't have any other shiny figures than this in my collection as of the moment.

The sides of the suit where the undershirt is peeking through are painted in orange. Even though I don't like the color orange; it looks nice. An unusual color combination so to say.

http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/MGS/th_Print01.jpg http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/MGS/th_Articulate09.jpg
The logos on his suit are all well-printed. No scratches or whatsoever woes. I really like the logo of the Militaires Sans Fronteres (Military Without Borders).

Going back to what I said about the Fiber Belts; they're painted in Olive Drab in such way that you'd really think they're synthetic fiber but they're really well-done PVC.

Painting: 10/10
Ohh, shiny! Definitely has much better lustre than some stupid vampire. <_<

Possibly the most articulated Play Arts figure ever made.
Honestly, I'm bad with explaining articulations so I'll just note down what strike me the most.

He has hinged wrists. However, unlike the FMA Brotherhood; Big Boss' wrist hinges are in the root part and not in the interchangeable hands.

http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/MGS/th_Articulate012.jpg http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/MGS/th_Articulate05.jpg http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/MGS/th_Articulate03.jpg
Knees and Elbows are imbued with special ratcheting joints a la Revoltech. He also has a very versatile Shoulder Joint.

Gun-Kata pose = WIN! :D

Articulation: 10/10

Big Boss comes with a hand gun, hand gun with removable silencer, alternate pair of hands (gripping the guns), Riot Shield and Shield Strap (which at first I thought was a pair of headphones).

Since the silencer in the other hand gun is removable; you can have Big Boss recreate those Equilibrium Gun-Kata moments. I wonder how he'd fare against John Preston in actuality.

Like the Biohazard V and Vincent Valentine Play Arts figures; you can place his gun in it's holster. This:

Gun-Kata Pose

http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/MGS/th_Shield01.jpg http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/MGS/th_Shield02.jpg
The Riot Shield and Shield Strap are Orange instead of Gray.

He should've come with a stand but since I already have a lot from my Past Play Arts Figures; Base is no longer an issue to me. (Nulling that field in the Score Card).

Sure, the accessories are great. I love Gun-Kata but I cannot bring myself to give him a perfect score since he doesn't come with the sniper gun with scope in a PSP screenshot provided by my friend. Sheva Alomar has one but Big Boss should have his own.

Accessories: 9/10

Square-Enix is no stranger to recycled packaging and molds. In fact, they did this before with their Limit Form Sora's packaging which is 99% the same with the regular Sora's packaging; save for the sticker which says "Special Edition Limit Form" in the lower right hand corner of the Blister Window.

http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/MGS/th_MGSBox01.jpg http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/MGS/th_MGSBox02.jpg

Big Boss' Version Zero also had the same recycled box and new sticker treatment but unlike Sora's box which has rather refreshing colors; I haetxxors the MGS PW's boxes having earwax yellow color. Eww!

Packaging: 8/10
It's not the recycled packaging but rather the color of the box itself.

First and Foremost; I am just (and still) a college student with a rather terrible dream since my high school days in 2003 and that is "To be able to complete all Play Arts action figures."

...and being a college student who tries her best to stay away from Evil Bay and their exorbitant prices; exclusive gimmicks are both a big pain in the neck and a thorn to the throat. When we say Exclusive figures; they are figures of limited quantities and those only sold in events or obtainable through a god-knows-what magazine. Those stuff where one could not normally obtain through their favorite local suppliers and if in case you find one through a proxy; prepare to pay three times the price at minimum. In other words, it's totally unfair to loyal collectors who live in countries that are "unreachable" by the manufacturers.

Therefore; thanks for getting into my way, Hideo Kojima. >_<#

Value: 0/10
(Will null the "Enjoyment" field because of this)
A sane Metal Gear fan should go after the regular version which retails for just 2800 php/$60 at maximum.
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