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Hi, MFC community!

I'd like to ask your advice. On Jan 29th I've placed an order at Rakuten Surugaya-a-too shop. As always, I've got an automatic "order confirmation" reply and just waited for an invoice from the shop. I waited. And waited. Then I decided that something went wrong and wrote to the Surugaya-a-too support on Feb 1st. On Feb 2nd I've got a reply for my letter that they're terribly sorry for the delay, and that they're currently processing my order so I just have to wait until I get a quotation mail from them and all the usual stuff that goes afterwards.

Ok. I waited. And waited again. Today is Feb 5th already, and there's no sign of any "quotation mail" from the shop. Not even in my bulk mail folder.

Should I write to the shop support again or stop panicking and patiently wait for an invoice? I've never bought anything from this shop before so I don't really know how these guys operate.

And yes, I can see my order in my purchase history, the item is displayed as "sold out" when you click on it, and I've even got my points for this order! So I just can't understand what's going on and what should I do.

Any advice?
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seish, I think that every Rakuten shop has to do it when it deals with international orders. And Surugaya has this "We welcome international buyers" logo so I assume is has to have some system to ease the process of handling international orders. I used to use Auc-terraformer shop, and it had never took them more than one day to form an invoice. Seems like things are different with Surugaya.

Well, I hope we'll get our invoices one day in the foreseeable future.
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I ordered something from them a week ago. I sent them an email yesterday and they responded with this:

この度、ネットショップ駿河屋 楽天市場店において下記の手続きが完了しましたのでご連絡させていただきます。


ご不明な点がございましたら、ショップ「ネットショップ駿河屋 楽天市場店」までお問い合わせください。

From what I understand is that when you order off them they have to manually fix the order with international shipping, then send you an invoice. I sent them another email asking for a payment link or invoice.
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Stalking7 vuotta sitten#1348034They are slow as butts, I waited for a month, asking them every week what had happened to my order. It eventually went through, but it was such a pain~
Dang, I've placed an order on impulse - good price, wanted figure, wth. But now I'm starting to have second thoughts, and Surugaya's slowness isn't helping :D A month would be just too much *eek*
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Stalking Loli hunter
They are slow as butts, I waited for a month, asking them every week what had happened to my order. It eventually went through, but it was such a pain~
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ghirahim, roxaskyoya, oh, so it's their policy. I guess it's my first experience with such a slow seller. Thanx for a tip :)

Carmina, I just don't want to poke them too much. I thought that maybe it's smth unnatural for this shop. But now I see that it's pretty natural for them. But thanx for an advice!
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Surugaya can be really slow invoicing but if you're worried give them another poke via e-mail.
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Well just keep waiting. The last time I ordered something from them it took them around 1 week to send me the email.
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ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Surugaya is awfully slow with processing orders. I've waited weeks before I get a proper confirmation mail (with shipping quote etc.)
I would suggest just waiting until they send you one, it will eventually come :)
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