Clannad - Fujibayashi Kyou - 1/6 - Gym Uniform ver. (Kotobukiya)Clannad - Fujibayashi Kyou - 1/6 - Gym Uniform ver. (Kotobukiya)Review

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I'm writing this review to hopefully provide information to you if you were thinking about acquiring this figure. Kyou is from the series Clannad and this particular version is from the gym supply closet where she is trapped with the protagonist, Okazaki. What led to them being trapped was he jokingly making a wish by balancing some coins on top of each other and thinking about a person he wanted to be trapped with... This is important as it plays a part in the posing which I will go into later.


Before I start, please understand I will never give out a score of 10 no matter how perfect. There is always room for improvement.

Sculpting & Painting

Sculpting... oh how disappointed I was with this figure... Before I go to why, let's take a quick 360 tour.


You don't see anything wrong, right? No paint issues, right? Well, there's not much to paint... Why could I be disappointed in this 1/6th scale figure?

Let's take a closer look...


Do you see the major flaw? Don't let those big eyes and blushing face distract you... I have to admit they did a nice job painting her face.



What the heck!!!!! And it's not an isolated incident, that ugly line is on both thighs!!! This is a 1/6 figure and they screw up something like that? That's unforgivable. You can see it from a distance as well. It's very ugly and distracting. I'm so disappointed.

The rest of the figure, don't really see any other sculpting issues but this was a deal breaker for me. Maybe you wouldn't care about it, but you didn't buy her at release. I should have waited for her to be in the bargain bin!

Anyway, let's move onto something positive I guess.

I thought they did a great job on her face and hair ornament.

Her thigh high stockings were nicely done as well.


The transition from stocking to flesh was OK. Note the various wrinkles in the stockings and how the snug fit of the stockings accentuates her curves.


They did a good job on the left hand both in sculpting and painting from the top anyway. I guess that's all that counts since that's what you're supposed to see but from below they don't look too hot. Also, the right hand is a little to irregular. A finger too long here, a finger too big there... and they're fused together... This is a 1/6 figure, I'd expect that on a 1/8...

Speaking of fusing, same deal with her hair. Lines where there shouldn't be lines, no reason for them and plenty of hair fused when they could have just as easily separated them and made them look better. Sloppy and lazy.

More laziness...


Not much effort put into her laces or even painting them...


As you can see, they did make an attempt on her clothes. There are various shades to try to give a impression of depth and accentuate the contours of her outfit. The various folds/creases and wrinkles were executed OK.

They definitely did an OK job on her bloomers.


It seems like they put all their focus on her face and bloomers... seriously? I understand they are the most appealing parts of her but you need balance...

I'm still upset about the scars on her legs that it's difficult to temper my response. Anyway, note how they captured her athletic form underneath those bloomers and also outside since she is spilling out of them. They used various shades to emphasize those curves as well as the various wrinkles and stretching of material. As good as they did it doesn't make up for the travesty of her legs.

Score of 7 for Sculpting, I was tempted to give a 6 but the good points won out I guess.

Painting, nothing much to point out, they did an OK job painting her outfit as mentioned, her face looks great, but lacking in details in one or two spots. Score of 8.


As much as I liked the pose, there were so many other poses they could have picked from that scene. Such as the one where she was on her back, or where she was still on her knees but she was upright with her arms and hands clenched close to her with her embarrassed look, etc. So many other nice poses they could have done...

As I eluded to earlier, the reason she's blushing is because Okazaki admitted he inadvertently caused this by wishing for them to be trapped together. He goes on not explaining to her what he means about taking care of everything by starting to take his shirt off. She mistakes that for him wanting to you know what with her getting her embarrassed. She's I guess the Tsundere type so it's uncharacteristic for to be blushing, etc. I thought they did an OK job trying to capture her embarrassment with naughty thoughts of her secret crush and her.

Score of 7, as indicated so many choice poses to pick...this was OK but they could have done better.



This is what I thought was funny. I think they focused more on the base then they did the figure... It looks great and gives some nice display options with this figure and others. The pillow was OK as well.

Score of 8.


Standard window box design as seen below from all sides.




Why there heck is there a view portal on the bottom of the box? So you can see part of the pillow? Umm, OK...

Anyway, average layout and artwork.

Standard blister design for both the figure and the base.


Figure was wrapped to protect her by a few layers of plastic.


Score of 6 for an above average job there, she'll get safe to you or if you choose not to take her out, you can see most of everything you would want to I guess.


If I paid half price, I would be OK. But those scars on her legs and the laziness that they seem to show for painting some areas and the finer details on other for a 1/6 scale figure... I'm sorry, but score of 7. If I had to do it over again, I would not get her. I'm thinking about selling her for half price... or less. Maybe with time I can grow to accept her but not those scars on her legs...

See you later!
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StarshipPooper4 vuotta sitten#4176266If you mean scale, not sure. been so long I don't remember how big she really is but if you mean the poses... it could be "weird" on how you place them 8Þ

Thanks, exactly my thoughts. Just saved myself a few bucks for something better.
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sailormatlac4 vuotta sitten#4175952Good thing I saw your review before making a terrible mistake. The prototype looked promising, but the final product isn't the high aftermarket price I often saw. Anyway, she looks quite small for a 1/6? Any idea if she would look weird if paired with 4-leaves Tomoyo?
Thanks for this honest review. I like when people aren't afraid to give realistic scores.

If you mean scale, not sure. been so long I don't remember how big she really is but if you mean the poses... it could be "weird" on how you place them 8Þ
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Good thing I saw your review before making a terrible mistake. The prototype looked promising, but the final product isn't the high aftermarket price I often saw. Anyway, she looks quite small for a 1/6? Any idea if she would look weird if paired with 4-leaves Tomoyo?

Thanks for this honest review. I like when people aren't afraid to give realistic scores.
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well, I already sold her for a big discount. 8Þ
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Even with the scarred legs and stuff, I still want her so bad </3
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I thought about to buy her, but somehow it was love at first sight..
But when I take a second look a don't really like her face >:
Her eyes could be better..
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I don't like this version, so I'm grabbing other version Kyou figures, like this one:


Simple, but it perfectly captures her confidence to me. Then again, it's up to one's taste.
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I like legs though so I focus on those when they're bad. 8Þ
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I know its awful, but a seam like that wouldn't be a clincher for me XD, ofc I don't want Kyou figures... I want Kotomi/Fuuko/Nagisa figures... but since Kyou & Tomoya are the favourites(stupid tsundere addiction that seems to be neverending XD) it seems like decent new Clannad figures of the girls I want will almost never happen :(
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There are not many Clanad fig so I think this fig is the best.However, that scar is really a big problem.
ANW:Thanks for the review :D
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