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Hello everyone!
In my last blog I was asking the community about how to handle a new kitten. Well, finally! My family has gotten two lovely additions to our family. I would like to share with the community my two darlings who I had adopted from "Pet Smart", which sells cats from shelters.

Here's the first one that grabbed our attention.
Her name is Gina. She's a mix of tabby and calico.


She is a super calm and sweet cat. She's 2 years old and had a sister. Her and her sister lived in a garage. Her sister eventually got frostbite in the winter. They were rescued and put in a pet store shelter. Gina's sister was adopted and so they were seperated. Because of this, we saw how lonely she was without her sister. We adopted her. When we brought her home, right away she warmed up to us and is very affectionate. She is a perfect balance of playful and affectionate. She is also SUUPER calm and loves to sit next to us when we sit on the couch or floor.

Here is my second baby.
Her name is Gracie. She is in no way related to Gina.
We don't know exactly what her mix is, but she has a bit of persian in her because of her lifted face.

http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm120/Puppetgirl101/a3cb860f-441b-4d14-9d4e-cd31e5e0306e.jpg http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm120/Puppetgirl101/cbd27442-0aec-41f6-b89c-c6002fd67d66.jpg

Gracie (originally Shelby, but we were able to change her name because of her age) is a nice cat as well, but alittle more independent compared to Gina. She is only 10 months. She sometimes likes to have her space and has a bit of trouble adjusting to people when they first meet her, but she is a very affectionate cat when she warms up to you. Gracie was previously owned by a man with many cats. She had kittens and her owner felt he had too many cats, so he gave her and her kittens away for adoption. She was put in the animal shelter and we saw how affectionate she could be. Right away, she rubbed against me and allowed me to pet her. She's a good cat, but can be kind of crazy too.

Both are still adjusting, but it doesn't seem they are unable to live with one another. I also hope they are okay with my figures too, haha. Still haven't seen if one of them or both will cause havoc.

Thanks to everyone who helped give advice and anymore would be really nice! Thank you!


Sorry for the silly photo editing. These photos were the only ones I had at the time and the looked pretty terrible, so I had to do something to make them look a little more decent, haha.
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Super adorable :3 Your such a great person for adpoting these cuties :) I have one baby he is 13 now and it very snuggly when he wants to be. He is very well behaved as well.
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They're both so cute!
There's a ton of cats (okay, 9's not really a ton) running around outside my place, due to living in the countryside, and they always cheer me up a bit when I see them~ They're all so cute and satisfied looking when they eat! I hope your cats cause more happiness and excitement than they do havoc XD
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What cute pair of kitties! They do look like they're sister even though they're not! Gina sounds like she's gonna be a buddy cat...cozy-ing up next to you and purring. At 2 yrs. she still has some of her kitten-ness so I'm not too surprised she's playful too. Gracie's on the way to being a buddy cat too..as affectionate as she is at the outset. Her craziness is most likely due to her being a still growing kitty. She'll start really mellow out when she gets to be Gina's age. From what you written, it looks like they get along so that's extra good (no WWIII in the house all the time :P). I see many years of enjoyment of these sweeties by you and your family! Congratz!!
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They look like lovely cats, with such gorgeous faces! Good luck and I hope they will be very happy with you.
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Sweeet! Congratulations! I hope you and your family will have many years of fun an joy cats give :) Half my cats are kinda independent, like their freedom and try to run away every time we take them in hands but they still prefer to be somewhere close to us people :) You did a very good thing adopting these girls, I'm sure you won't regret it :) They look like sisters in the pics :)
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Hopefully they won't decide they want to knock everything over, although I'm pretty sure you could forgive them for all but the very worst of things. Certainly a lovely pair of cats you've got there, I've had many years of my life with multiple cats so I know what it's like to have felines everywhere, the positives far outweigh any negatives though.

Always good to come home after a day at work and have a kitty sit on your lap and purr :3.
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Aaaw, they are both so cute! Good to hear they have warmed up to you ^^
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Aaaaaw, she is so fluffy <3
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They are beautiful!! Awwww - all the best to you and your new family members!! XD
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Congrats! All the best to you and your new kitty friends.
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