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MFC Seller Thanks!MFC Seller Thanks!

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Hi I’m so happy right now I need to Share!

First my previous blog entry about this figure: blog/7113&b...

And now … My first experience buying with a MFC Seller, I completed trust tama-chan since the beginning very nice Girl and seller and after 2 months of waiting (due Brazilian preety slow post office) here he is :3, as I told on my last blog he’s old in a time the figure market was not as we are used to but, I think he’s completely perfect so beautiful S2

So here he is:





And Finally Thank you TAMAJANI ! Dream achieved! o/
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Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
DAT cat indeed! Congrats! :3 What I wouldn't give for them to have made some of the other Sohmas~ Like Haru >.<
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Man, I remember when he came out. Feels like such a long time ago! Congrats on getting him! I never finished reading the series, but I was always rooting for him.
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Congradz on your purchase.

I'm also a big fruits basket fan, but when I saw these figures I was very disappointed, they were in my opinion poorly sculpted and painted, they don't even look much like the characters...

I personally have ordered ITEM #22856 I much prefer this one one over any of the 3 that were sold
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