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  • the pics help me understand the sizes of somes of the plushies that I need to find next, you have more plushies than me for sure ^^ where I could fight a Utsuoh plushie and the mini youmu with anima features
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    Excellent collection. I just added a bunch of touhou plushies to my collection myself. I am still trying to look for an Okuu for myself though... :(
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    Leo_Otaku7 vuotta sitten#1568524WOW that is impressive! Awesome stuff you got there :D I hope they make a Rumia and a Hina amoung others!
    There is a super cute Hina plush but I can't find it anywhere! because it's super old...
    I think a Komachi and Shikieiki would be nice ^^
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    WOW that is impressive! Awesome stuff you got there :D I hope they make a Rumia and a Hina amoung others!
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    piratepapillon7 vuotta sitten#1566120Bigger than the one that's out of stock? I want to see!
    And yeah, I couldn't resist picking up them up in the end. They came with a lot of cool goddies like a Yuyuko towel.


    it's already out of stock though D:<
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    LadyScarlet7 vuotta sitten#1567632Where did you buy the non-Gift plushies?
    A ton of different places. Suruguya, Akibao, Toranoana, Melonbooks, Yahoo! Japan Auctions, Ebay, Amazon, fellow MFC users, and some at conventions.
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    Where did you buy the non-Gift plushies?
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    AnimeChibi1017 vuotta sitten#1567576Your the one that got thje Utsuho plush on eBay! Great collection and the purple makes it shine!
    Guilty as charged.
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    Asako7 vuotta sitten#1566378So much love. I only have eleven Gift Touhous, and I'd have got the rest if I had the room. So cute.
    I'd also have liked the giant ones, but the price was quite unreasonable. :(

    Lack of room is always a problem. I have the giant Reimu but she's not in any of these pictures beacause she's chilling in the livingroom. She's was the most expensive thing in my collection so I agree about the price.
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    Moving all this Touhou stuff must have been quite a task... but making a new arrangement for these items is one of them best tasks ever...^^ I'd love to see this Yuyuko room!
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