kommenttia is anyone having trouble ordering from Mandarake?

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    They banned you.
    You can't use your paypal because it has the name of which they added to the ban list. Also, the address.
    Only way you can buy from them is if you use a complete different address, different name and different Paypal address. Even if you change your email which you use with Paypal, still the name is not changeable unless you present Paypal with evidence that you have a different name or variation on it. Now Mandarake is applying a more strict banning system; IP block.
    I canceled 10 orders with them and made a chargeback after a figure arrived all stained. They told me that they have a ton of disclaimers on their website and that they don't issue refunds nor exchanges, all is sold as is and all is used and might get damaged during shipping. I called my CC company and boom, no more problem. I canceled the other orders (basically didn't pay for them) and done deal. A few months after, I tried to buy some stuff and give it a second chance and my internet is blocked from entering the second page. You can see the main one with the "language choosing" area but after you choose either language, it times out. LOL.
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    banned? awwww that's too bad.. I remember I sent them an email regarding why I cant buy but they never answer

    @R_Dorothy I've also chose paypal but no luck

    anyways thanks for all your replies I'll try once again to send them a customer support message!!!!!!
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    aside from what others already mentioned, you may try using a different browser, or clear your internet cache, etc.
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    You've probably been banned, but are you by any chance using a credit card and not PayPal? I've gotten an error when I tried to use a card because they thought it was a fraudulent purchase and wouldn't allow the order to go through.
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    You have been banned, I'm like that too only because they messed up my order xD they forgot to send email to pay and when I asked for one they banned me and never answered me again
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    almost sounds like you have a banned account for what ever the reason. The only way to straighten this up is to send there customer service an e-mail.

    See where it leads you from there. Explain that you are trying to purchase item X and that you get an error message.

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