kommenttia GSC is coming to Germany!

  • jiejie on ice
    Just updated the list because GSC brought a few more figures to the event. Prices are up too.
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    My boyfriend lives in Munich but I'm not interested in any of the things they're selling. Although I agree, it is quite cool news ^^
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    I'm going to be there :) Might pick up Sakura Miku and/or Link depending on the prices.

    Edit: In dem Blogpost von Maritan sind jetzt übrigens Preise. Na dann hoffe ich mal, ich bin noch nicht zu spät, wenn ich zu deren Stand komme.
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    Its a good news for MFCers from Germany.

    I hope they can enjoy GSC booth on Gamescom.
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    Hopefully I can attend and try and get me a nendoroid gakupo! How much are nendoroids at this events normal retail price or a bit more pricey?
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    Leosach Born this way
    Just wish they come to Brazil.. or south america anyway... I guess... never... LOL
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    I went to GamesCom once. It’s cool, and I’d love to go again, but I can’t afford it this year. But this is fantastic news.. I’ll make an effort to go next year, hope to see them there!
    I’m Dutch by the way, that’s why I can’t attend. Need to have train tickets as well.
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    Oh---- I want that Reimu and some stands, but I'm saving money and I don't live in Germany TT_TT
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    Wow thats nice :) I'm really happy about this information *__*
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    This is great news for the Germany folks. I picked up the Nendoroid Miku Natsutsubaki version at Otakon, and got to meet Mamitan at their booth today.

    The "I don't live in Germany and I'm not going" poll option should include "but I wish I could". :D
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