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    Ruttsu as Ruttsu
    It's working fine for me, go to MFC logo > databases > figures > and then Activity.
    It shows latest aditions, changes, alerts, pictures.
    5 kuukautta sitten
    I'm clicking it and I see a list of recent activity on the site, not sure what you mean exactly. I see a lot of picture uploads, a few entry updates, and 1 entry addition.

    Not necessarily saying there's no problem, I wouldn't doubt there actually being one in this new layout, but can you be a bit more specific? What kind of activity are you looking for that's not showing up? Or is it that a lot of new things that didn't use to show up do now, causing it to seem overloaded?

    I can't really tell myself since I personally never used the "activity" thing before.
    5 kuukautta sitten
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