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  • Kino8 vuotta sitten#1066105I never planned to stop collecting figures entirely, but I admit I sometimes "pause" myself from this hobby once in a while to go to other hobbies. It's just my way of life :)

    My collection isn't as big as the others, but I don't have much space in my room to display my figures.

    Yeah, sometimes I think I will quit after I start a family, but that's going to be a long looong way in the future ^^

    Yeah, that seems pretty reasonable. If I may ask, do you collect anything else as a hobby?
    I agree with you! I also don't have much space in my room and I don't even know how I'll be able to fit every single figure I've ordered into one glass display case xD
    I don't have many figures though-but still- I know what you mean!
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    Hatchuu8 vuotta sitten#1066100I know someone who spends a lot on their hobbies, and thus gets a LOT of things in all the time, but I wonder just how she pays for it, and where she puts it sometimes XD;; She's an impulsive buyer on the surface, but however she's lovely, and it's good to have someone who has the same hobbies, because of her I've gotten a few things for my customs I'm so grateful for! It's great to have hobby-friends.

    Ah, I recently got a grail of mine (albeit a recently released one) of Gift's Saber Extra, for only $66, and her retail was $110 when she came out! I was ecstatic <3

    Really? Does she have an account on here? I would actually be interested to see her collection! It sounds big xD Figures are definetly hard to NOT impulsively buy because there are just soo many. My problem is trying to buy everything at once. I don't like to wait, so I try to spend all my money inorder to get all the one's in my wish list. Unfortunetly reality kicks in and it's almost impossible for me to do that x0
    Your friend does sound very nice :D My friends don't like collecting so it's nice that you have someone you know that does!

    That's pretty awesome! You are very lucky to find her for that good of a price!
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    LC8 vuotta sitten#1066010A few years back, I would probably say the limit is my wallet (as I have spent on figures over the years), but "priorities" change. Right now, I can't seem to justify (to myself) anymore spending on figures when I can spend it on something else more worthwhile, like clothing, accessories, and travels. Figure collecting is really more on self-satisfaction, and I think at this point, am quite satisfied with my collection already. ^_^

    It's good to hear that you are proud of your collection! Yeah, and I understand where your coming from as well. I'm limiting the amount I buy because I choose to have a smaller collection. I'm thinking of saving my money too, so my collection will probably stay at a maximum of 40 figures.
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    Well,I'm pretty poor..so what limits me mostly is space and money.
    Not only that but I'm also quite picky,I have to really like the character/series in order to purchase
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    I get the figures I want that are on a Master To Ge List that is revised when new things come out, usually when it gets to a certain point the collection is downsized and purged. There are continual cycles of Expansion and Reduction here. But when it gets to the point I don't have anymore room for things that's usually when it's time to slow down.

    I can never retire fully from collecting so I can never be "Done" cause there's always something new that comes out and gets my attention. [even if I say I'm "Done" which is funny cause that's how it always happens...I say I'm done something new comes out then I'm back in it] That's why I'm Semi-Retired at this point.
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    Hmm, I wouldn't consider myself to really be a figure collector anyway, so it's probably simpler for me. XD I'm really just collecting figures of characters from the Tales of series, especially Alter's. I got Rita ITEM #91362 last week, and getting Yuri ITEM #27658 in a couple weeks as a Birthday present. <3
    I could easily be tempted to get figures of characters from other games I like (those Odin Sphere ones...), but trying to keep it just to Tales, for scales at least. So, that's my limit. I don't feel I need to get every one that comes out, either, it depends on weighing up how much I like the character, their design, and the figure itself. I'm very aware of how easily my collecting tendencies can get out of hand, so determined not to allow that to be the case. I think people do need to be sensible about it, as it's such an expensive hobby.

    I would be more cautious about getting new figures if my circumstances changed, too, I want to move into a flat, and would have a lot less spare cash if that were the case. Also if I'm able to have more chinchillas, as I'd like to - I already have a baby, my chinchilla, hee.
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    WatchJessieGo Magical Girl
    As long as figures that I like keep coming out, I'll keep buying them. :>
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    I just got my 300th figure recently and I'm still finding fun new things to do with the hobby. I don't know if I'm going to stop any time soon.
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    I think my hard limit is 100; there is no way that I'll go beyond that, because, at that point, moving all of that stuff around is going to be a huge pain. I can see myself moving house at least twice within the next six to eight years, so I don't want my collection to get too large. I have 64 things right now, which I think is a nice number, so I'll probably try to maintain that. I'm a huge sucker for exclusive and limited items, though, so I'll probably keep getting those every once in a while.
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    I never even thought I'd get the 55 I currently have, when I first started it seemed like a lot and now it seems like a moderately sized collection!
    While I really enjoy this hobby, I don't want to go overboard. I've sold older figures to buy new ones and may continue doing so (however I currently love my entire collection so that might be hard..!)
    Honestly if I somehow manage to hit 100, I might have to stop or sell some. I'll be starting college this month, too so. Eh.

    And I managed to nab Motored Saber off Amiami the last time she flew in stock for a few seconds! I was really excited ♥ She's in the mail right now!
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