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  • I don't go crazy with my buying, so I don't have a space limit. I budget my expenses pretty well. The only limit I place on myself is how much I spend :)
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    I've never really thought "this will be my last figure", but once in a while I hit a dry spell where nothing I want is being made so I don't buy anything for a while. I'm also kind of picky with what I buy, so that helps limit things.
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    I just buy stuff that I like. xD I don't even have room for new figures but I buy a few once in a while. My only limit is money!
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    I think i'll keep collecting until i get bored. My goal is to have a collection room/office in my house that i turn a spare bedroom into. So i'm not that concerned about space, though since i only buy figures in anime i love and not based on looks I dunno how much there really is to buy over a certain number. I guess i'll collect as long as i'm having fun.
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    Arie veteran puella magi
    No limit for me :D
    I don't preorder much stuff. I buy about 3-5 figures a year (If I'm lucky) so it's not as much as some people here. I still have plenty of space to display them! I think maybe I'll stop when it'll have become... too obsessive. When my house is full of them and I have to keep some in boxes, not being able to display them properly.
    But that's not going to happen anytime soon haha!
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    I think that collecting implies that it continues and is an active, constantly changing hobby. Once you stop, then you have a collection, rather than being an active collector. I try to keep my collecting in check and at a sane level considering money and space. I don't have a specific goal, nor do I feel I MUST eventually own my "most wanted" figures. Any arbitrary "limit" doesn't seem to work for me, bc who knows how I'll feel about things in the future (whether I decide to give up collecting or become the world's biggest collector.)
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    I only collect my top favorites, so there is no tight limit. Main thing in collection is figmas and not much else, it is simply what I prefer.
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    I find that I go in spurts. Sometimes I go for months without buying figures, but other months I purchase several. My biggest challenge is where to store/display them - I already have two Detolfs, and I'm trying to figure where to put a third without making the rooms too cluttered.

    I got started collecting a little later than most. I already had children (or at least my first), and I have a finished basement where I keep my collection. My children have now grown up a bit, and they like the figures too (at least sometimes). So I won't be stopping because of kids, like others on this list.

    I'm trying to branch out a bit, and will be dabbling with figure photography. To me, exploring ways to enjoy the figures is part of the fun.
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    I never planned to stop collecting figures entirely, but I admit I sometimes "pause" myself from this hobby once in a while to go to other hobbies. It's just my way of life :)

    My collection isn't as big as the others, but I don't have much space in my room to display my figures.

    Yeah, sometimes I think I will quit after I start a family, but that's going to be a long looong way in the future ^^
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    cinnamonswirls8 vuotta sitten#1065847I definetly agree with you! I mean, this is a very expensive hobby and I wonder how some people manage...but that is their business of course! Space is also an issue too!
    I'm actually doing exactly what you are doing! I have a limit with my collection and the only figures I'm buying are the one's I have been eyeing for a long time. I'm trying not to impulsively buy (that's hard though).

    Good luck! I hope you find what you're looking for :D

    I know someone who spends a lot on their hobbies, and thus gets a LOT of things in all the time, but I wonder just how she pays for it, and where she puts it sometimes XD;; She's an impulsive buyer on the surface, but however she's lovely, and it's good to have someone who has the same hobbies, because of her I've gotten a few things for my customs I'm so grateful for! It's great to have hobby-friends.

    Ah, I recently got a grail of mine (albeit a recently released one) of Gift's Saber Extra, for only $66, and her retail was $110 when she came out! I was ecstatic <3
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