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Would you buy figures without the plastic that holds them?kommenttia • Would you buy figures without the plastic that holds them?

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    Sure, I just wouldn't buy it for the same price as one that does have a complete box.
    11 kuukautta sitten
    Heck, I would buy a figure even if it didn't have a box. As long as the figure is in good condition and the price was a little lower because it doesn't have a box, then why would I complain? I know people love boxes, and I keep all mine, but if there was something that I wanted and it was slightly cheaper, why not? :3
    11 kuukautta sitten
    I think it does depend... If it’s rare, or sold to me by a friend (and I can tell it’s not bootleg, or it’s being sold by a reputable source) then I don’t mind. However, it’s not a secret that unopened=$$$ opened=$$ no box=$

    So, if I’m happy to get it and don’t plan to sell it, or if the price is low so if I did resell it wouldn’t matter much, then yes. I’d buy it.

    That being said those situations are very few and far between and I by no means hunt figures that aren’t accompanied by boxes and blisters.
    11 kuukautta sitten
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