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  • SkaylerOtakuCat1 vuotta sitten#66791190Really nice review!t thank you!!
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    First off the bat, I love your photos and enjoyed the review :) I personally quite like this figure (followed the Death Note series too) - but ultimately, my liking for the series was not enough to justify the purchase price of the figure. It definitely looks very nice on display though, so congratulations on getting it! I am curious to know your opinion on the real chain handcuff compared to the PVC one (didn't see a photo of that).

    P/s. I hope you won't take this as an offence, it's more of a motivational comment, really - but there were more than a few spelling and letter case mistakes in your review so just something to watch out for :)
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    setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
    Very beautiful photos of a beautiful figure, and I loved your review! What you wrote at the start was really sweet too. I love all of the details on this figure. Thanks for sharing it!
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    Really nice review!
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