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Do you ask for figures as gifts?kommenttia • Do you ask for figures as gifts?

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    I don't ask for figures, because 1) they're expensive, 2) I only want certain figures, and 3) it's hard to know where to look for them if you know nothing of this hobby (and I wouldn't want someone to buy a figure for me that would turn out to be a bootleg).

    I have gotten a chibi figure of Graves (League of Legends) for my birthday from friends when I just started out collecting, I think it was very attentive of them to give me something like that :)
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    I’ve gotten a couple figures from my boyfriend as presents.

    ITEM #396848 and ITEM #639324
    He knows I like Fate but he doesn’t really know who I like. I love that he pays attention enough to not get bootlegs tho :3
    I’ll cherish the two of them.

    As for me gifting figures to him...

    ITEM #198363 ITEM #287730 ITEM #287727 ITEM #197994 ITEM #549487 ITEM #166487

    And I’m going to gift him ITEM #739697 this Christmas.

    I’ve basically built his collection now that I think about it. I like giving him presents.
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    Honestly, the very idea of asking for gifts is a very foreign thing to me.

    For me, I get whatever they get me and I'm grateful for it. It's their choice of a gift which speaks volumes about what and how much they think about me. Extra points if your birthday is in December so you get a New Years/Christmas/Birthday present all in one.

    I'm too old for presents now, but if I was that age again, then if they knew I liked figures back then they'd probably buy me a bootleg, but that in itself would still make me happy because they thought about it and tried to buy something they hadn't before to make me happy.
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    Personally? Never asked for one, just joked about it.

    I've bought a few figures, for a friend, but mostly small ones, like noodle-stoppers, and a transformers bird thing, since she likes birds. (Also some weird Goblin figma... no comment)
    She never asked for them as gifts though, mostly just in jest as well, but I suck at finding gifts, so eh.

    I think it's just one of those things were it's pretty hard to actually find gifts, unless you're actually into the entire collecting figures yourself.
    Not only is it kinda difficult for people to really pinpoint what to buy, since PO's and the choices between shops is a thing. But also, if it's gonna be a gift, it's kinda hard to keep it a surprise, since the giftee might buy the figure themselves, if they don't know about the gift.
    PO's especially, I feel, can make it a pretty annoying endeavour, since it's such a long-term commitment to get a gift maybe a year in advance, but only as a PO.
    Not to mention how easy it is to get scammed, if one isn't knowledgeable on shops.

    I personally kinda wish that some figure sites maybe had gift-card options, or something similar maybe, so the entire hassle wouldn't exist.
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    I have gotten gifts from people before but items I picked out. The only one who could get me figures without me providing options or pointing them in the right direction is my brother. So I've gotten them as gifts but never as 'surprise' gifts

    Some of the ones I've gotten are:
    ITEM #396857
    ITEM #530086
    ITEM #176108
    ITEM #604387
    ITEM #492397

    Plus some small prize figures here and there.

    I've bought figures for my brother like for his birthday I got him two scale figures. Last year I went a little crazy because it ended up being a lot of fun buying figures for someone other than myself.

    Also, a 100% go for the taito miku because they are the cutest Miku's.
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