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  • Bananapanda4410 kuukautta sitten#70137364This is a great idea!
    I'm just going to introduce myself as Bananapanda44 to maintain an aura of mystery ~('.'~)

    hehe, i think i’ll call you banana for short 8). fruity names are great. my little brother’s fav series is one piece! he still keeps up with the manga weekly and has read it about 4-5 times. i always try to get him one piece merch but he doesn’t want to advertise that he likes anime, but i managed to get him a shirt from uniqlo and he wears it every now and then!

    hikaridranz10 kuukautta sitten#70138974
    Not my real name obv. This is my longest-used screenname so hikari is fine; I got so used to it I sometimes accidentally respond to it when it's not the name I use elsewhere (´▽`;)

    hi hikari! well i think the best part about a blog like this is that, to me, the collector is the best part of the hobby. it’s weird because when i first started collecting i found it very solitary. i didn’t have any friends who were into anime or manga, and i really didn’t share that i collected figures with anyone. joining MFC is awesome because i get to meet a bunch of people with the same hobby as me, and it’s always interesting to see who the collector is behind the screen. i’m interested in learning more about the community of collectors as a whole. also there is NO pain like stepping on a beyblade. beyblades were actually banned at my elementary school because people were using them to attack each other, lol.

    Josine10 kuukautta sitten#70139406You can just call me Josine, simple enough :)

    hi josine! FMA was one of the first mangas i ever read, but i didn’t get very far. i really want to pick it back up but i’m not sure if i should watch it or read it. what’s your opinion? also that’s amazing that you’re interested in animal evolution and plaeontology!

    BlazeDazzleDusk10 kuukautta sitten#70139552Hello, I’m BlazeDazzleDusk

    imma call you blaze! omg those finger puppets are so cute. what’s your fav pokemon? mine is cubone. the cubone storyline in the pokemon game on the switch was so cute it melted my icy cold heart. also super mario sunshine is a forgotten gem! i absolutely love that game.
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    Hi there I'm Aly from the beautiful not so sunny Uk :p
    My first first figure was a bootleg of a Chii statue that I got from a comic-con, back when I knew nothing about bootlegs.
    My favourite anime is Sailor Moon, she got me into this madness back in the 90's! I love Zelda, pokemon, Witcher and alot of Nintendo games.
    I got into this hobby more thanks to my other half, he collects alot of figures as well ^_^
    My favourite animal is the axolotl, I have had many as pets. Look them up; they're cute. (woopers!)
    A fact about myself ... I'm a crazy cat lady ^_^
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    Hi there! You can call me Mork or Kio, I'm from the Dominican Republic and got into this hobby fairly recently in comparison to the majority of people here.

    First Figure: The one that started it was was the Gundam Astaroth HG, which I bought off Amazon after binging on Gunpla videos for months. This got me to buy multiple more Gunplas until very recently I made the jump to non-model Kit figures with Polynian Emil and Eva-03 Revoltech, both some very solid and fun figures I love posing around, this being just the beginning.

    Favorite Videogame, Show and Manga: If I had to pick just one for each category in this exact order, these would be Monster Hunter (I like the series as a whole and have played most games), Goblin Slayer (Anime and manga) and Watamote (Only the manga).

    Introduction to Hobby: I've always liked to collect things in small portions. Be it shiny things, flowers, coins or whatever, I've always been very fond of collecting something in a small scale. Figure collecting was brought to my attention by things such as toy reviews on YouTube or me sometimes seeing someone's collection online, but what really made me start my own was seeing all the cool and silly scenes you could create with some figures, a camera and some creativity.

    Other Hobbies: I love drawing, is something I try to do as much as possible and this month have a goal of doing as much fanart as possible, be it for a character from a show/game I like, another artist's OC I like, some friend's OC, etc, I want to make as much fanart as possible. I also like writing and plan on producing music at some point in the near future.

    Favorite Animal: Penguins. Simple Enough. How can you not love penguins?

    Cool fact about you: I have a great affinity for music, to the point that I can listen to a song and then memorize and replicate (on another instrument or by tapping my fingers) the rhythm of almost every beat, instrument or complementary tone in a piece, no matter for far in the background it is, a couple of listens will be enough for me to learn it.
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    It’s nice to meet you!!

    You can call me Kida~ I’m from Canada!
    My first figure was this one: ITEM #330929 He’s one of my favourite characters and I was so happy to find him at a local convention!! He was a little over priced and he ended up being the only thing I bought at the con haha~ He’s very precious to me <3

    My favourite anime is Gintama!!! For video games it’s Pokémon and my favourite manga is currently Ballroom e Youkoso <3

    I was looking at merch and just went down a rabbit hole of anime figures and here we are XD

    My other hobbies are reading, listening to music, and playing video games!!

    My favourite animal is definitely ducks! They are the cutest <3

    And a cool fact about me: I’m a hospitality major in college! I think that’s cool hahah
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    Hello everyone! I'm a long time member on this site, but mostly lurked. I'm trying to remedy that now.

    I go by Amaterasu and I live in the GTA. I can't remember what my first figure was, but I'm pretty sure it was a bootleg. I have a decent sized video game and manga collection. I prefer to play games on handheld devices. I didn't get into gaming until my teens. Some of the first games I completed were Pokemon Platinum and the Ace Attorney trilogy. I got into anime as a child. I didn't become a collector until I watched Sailor Moon though.
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    It's so nice for you to recognize what is going on in the community and try to make a change, it's pretty dope fam!~
    Here's my piece of the cake:
    Name:FabyCopter, or just Faby.
    Where am I from?:I'm from Coro, Venezuela.
    What was my first figure?:It was 2 actually, Miku right here (ITEM #246546) and Meiko (ITEM #198588)
    My favorite show, video game or manga:My favorite show is South Park (non-anime)/Hunter x Hunter(anime), Animal Crossing (non-anime)/Danganronpa (anime) and Deadman Wonderland.
    How did you get into this hobby?:I remember back then when I got my first couple of figurines and staring at them all night thinking how beautiful and colorful they were. What continued me to get more figurines is that nice feeling you get when you buy them, even if they cost you a bit more than a buck..>.<
    What are your other hobbies?:I do not have many other hobbies, other than playing video games and watching anime. Though I do like making others laugh, don't know if that's a hobby though...
    What is your favorite animal?:My favorite animal is a duck!
    A cool fact about me:I can speak another language.
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    My name is Ashley, and I'm from Tennessee
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    Well, I just like to go by Ninja, because ninjas are awesome. lol I'm certainly not one though. XD

    I'm originally from Wisconsin in the USA.

    My first figure was something by the sculptor ENTRY #8560 but I can't seem to find the entry here on MFC. I don't have the figure anymore though.

    My favorite show/manga is Spice and Wolf, though surprisingly I don't own a ton of Spice and Wolf merchandise. A friend of mine in Germany has probably the largest collection of Spice and Wolf stuff ever. I must admit I'm a bit envious of him. XD

    As for what got me into figure collecting, it's kind of a funny story because I had always thought that "display items" were a waste of money, but after I got my first figure way back in high school, I gradually got really into collecting. I just didn't have much money to spend on figure for a long time.

    My hobbies... Jeez. I have too many. Mainly I write and draw (not as much as I used to). I used to play bass guitar and I was part of a HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) group for some time, which was both awesome and expensive (and painful at times. lol). Other things I collect include swords and general anime goods.

    My favorite animal is kind of a tossup between birds and cats. It's too hard to pick one over the other.

    A cool fact about me is that I used to be able to predict when it would rain with a surprising level of accuracy. Even though I had video game consoles, I spent most of my time outside growing up, since I love nature. I learned a lot by just observing the world around me.
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    Name: Just my username! I don't think I want my account to be linked to my actual name lol

    Where I'm from: Singapore, apparently the world's only city-island-nation.

    First figure: Technically ITEM#6666, which I bought in 2011, back when Hetalia was insanely popular. However, I've only gotten into 'serious' figure collecting last year, when I pre-ordered the Reinhard von Lohengramm Nendoroid.

    Favourite show/manga: I don't really watch much anime—but I love Legend of Galactic Heroes, especially the original OVA. Similarly, the only manga I'm following is Fujisaki Ryu's recent adaptation of Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

    Intro to the hobby: As mentioned above, my pre-order of ITEM #689329, which led me into Nendo hell. I also missed the original pre-order deadline for the LoGH ARTFX scales, so I joined MFC to see if I could hunt them down. (I've found Reinhard and Yang's been re-released, so I only need to find Kircheis!)

    Other hobbies: Reading science fiction! I'm trying to read as many of the 20th century classics I can get my hands on, as well as keep up with some of the authors being published today. Hell, my username is a Philip K. Dick reference. I also like listening to true crime podcasts, and visiting art galleries/museums/exhibits.

    Favourite animal: I think invertebrates are really cool! Beetles, molluscs, and marine worms can be absolutely stunning.

    A cool fact about myself: I'm named after a book.
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    1. I just go by my username! I started using this username on this obscure Chinese/Taiwanese RPG game called "有殺氣童話" by GAMEDreamer. The English translation on Google Translate is a little long, so I simply call it "Murderous Fairy Tale." I used to originally play the English version called "Battle Tales", but it sadly shut down 2 years ago. Funny enough, there are many English versions of this game!
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://u.cubeupload.com/AMS2000/Screenshot2019110902.png
    Ignore the wing on my player character being covered by poor Cinderella. (girl in purple)

    My username is a mixture of the story "The Little Mermaid" and the zodiac. It's even more fitting since the zodiac is a symbol of fish!

    2. I'm from the evergreen state! (Washington) Not going say what city I'm from, but I am 2 hours away from Emerald City. (Seattle)

    3. I honestly was afraid to bring this up because... well I don't have a collection yet! Though I did pre-ordered the Little Mermaid figure by Myethos, so I guess that counts! View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://images.goodsmile.info/cgm/images/product/20190624/8461/61278/large/3fbd5903fb4c62987d7f7f6143ce0eb7.jpg

    4. I don't have a number one favorite show, or even anime. There's just too many to list! My first anime that got me into anime was Hamtaro around when I was like 10 or 11. And while not an anime (the pvs count I guess), I got into Vocaloid when I was 11. Then my second anime was Madoka Magica, which I considered my first teen anime. I watched it around when I was 14.

    5. Discovered Nendoroids ever since my middle school years.

    6. I enjoy drawing!
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://u.cubeupload.com/AMS2000/IMG20191016154340.jpg

    7. Too many animals to love. Though, I am in a harp seal phase. How did this started you may ask? Well, I back then made this PowerPoint for my science class in 7th grade. We were suppose to choose an animal and the habitat it lives in. I choose a harp seal since my sister suggested it due to owning a plush of one. I actually enjoyed doing the project! I added that one song by ParryGripp in the begining of my slide. (Lazy Harp Seal Has No Job)
    I also added some animated gifs of chibi seals I made in GIMP. My teacher loved the presentation so much she even saved it on her flashdrive along with other PowerPoints she would show to future classes!
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://u.cubeupload.com/AMS2000/tenor.gif

    8. I used to be in 2 choirs during my Senior year! Not sure if that's cool enough and yeah, I keep mentioning my school memories in this post.
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