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    galablue (2 kuukautta sitten) #70129541ahhh first off thank you so much manu for your nice comment at the beginning. i am so happy seeing everyone respond. i wasn’t sure what kind of responses i would get when i made this post, but i’m just so happy seeing familiar faces introduce themselves to me, along with tons of lurkers i did not know existed. that’s so cool that one of your online aliases has something to do with miyazaki. my favorite miyazaki movie is castle in the sky, but i think my favorite ghibli is porco rosso. i have a little music figure from there which i love dearly. haha my little brother has a mustache right now and every time he eats he gets stuff stuck in it!
    hi cap! haha i see a few shark lovers here! the ocean is very important to me conservation wise. we have a plastic straw ban here, but did you know that plastic straws only count for ~.08 percent of ocean trash, while fishing trash is 60-70 percent of plastic? how crazy is that? sharks definitely get a bad wrap, and apex predators are super duper important to our environment. they’ve lasted something like 3-4 mass extinctions. without sharks, the whole ocean would be gone! i could go on and on about facts about sharks being good for the ocean, but i should probably stop blabbering! amazing that you survived the spinal surgeries, those sound very scary <3
    hi nyugvo. i’m sorry that you’re going through depression, or that you’ve gone through it and beyond. i hope one day you’re able to find something that sparks your joy and brings you happiness!
    hi carly! haha, when i was growing up, i had a best friend who was older than me but shorter than me (i’m tall). when we’d go out she’d always get the kid menu and i wouldn’t … well, i wanted the kid menu and she didn’t lol! as i said in another comment, i just finished monogatari. who’s your favorite girl?
    My fav girl is shinobu, she’s my #1 waifu and I love her sooo much!! I also like hanekawa and nadeko :3
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    Hello! I am Leikeima (or Leiki or Leik), 21 and coming from Germany.
    this is not my irl name and I use leikeima everywhere online basically. I'm more of a lurker bc english is my second language and I'm very anxious of doing something wrong or sounding weird. I take a long time to respond because I'm thinking too long, which often leads into not saying anything at all lmao.

    I started this hobby because I wanted to collect merch from my favorites I guess. not sure, I kinda got sucked into it haha.
    technically my first figure was one from a video game collectors edition lol (Watch Dogs 1 I guess). my "real" first figure though must be ITEM #190720
    and after that it just got more and more and now my room is kinda full and I'm having space issues. luckily money is not that of a problem, I'm still living at home and I work full time (I hate my work though).

    my fav anime (and manga) is without a doubt Attack on Titan and I wanna own everything from my two favorite boys, Erwin Smith and Levi (I also ship them and they are my OTP lol)
    there are a few other anime/manga I like and love, such as Tokyo Ghoul, 91 Days, MHA, Free!, NGNL, Ten Count...
    my favorite games are probably Overwatch and Devil May Cry 4.. I used to play a lot more a few years ago and I really wish I would play more, but often I'm not really in the mood for it. I have a lot of unplayed/unfinished games laying around, never even bought games even though I said I'll play them and I feel bad for it lol.

    Other than collecting I draw a bit (but only my OTP, so I wouldn't say I'm a "real" artist tbh). for anyone curious this is my latest drawing. my twitter acc is nsfw, so be prepared if you wanna scroll through.

    I also do a bit of garage kits, finished 2 so far, working on some more.. I'm taking way too long and need to learn so much stuff and sadly I'm often not motivated enough to continue working on something, I'm trying though.
    recently I'm very interested in sculpting, but I'm scared to start because I can't even properly finish my GKs so yeahh.. It's hard for me, but maybe one day. ^^

    my favorite animals are cats and snakes (a weird combo, I know XD) but I also like a few other animals of course. I also have a cat at home, her name is Paula and she has black furr with a white dot on her chest :> she's kind of a diva and doesn't like to get touched a lot (her back downwards is a big NOPE) but she's still very cute and loves sleeping with us.

    I don't have a very cool fact I guess. More of a random fact: I'm very hard to talk to and bad at keeping up conversations.

    Lately I was thinking about coming back to make blogs on here (I posted loot blogs a while ago) but I feel like I missed so much figures I got in the meantime that it's not worth it to start again. idk >.>

    also, this is a very nice idea and reading the comments here is really cool, there are so many different people here. Thank you :)
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    Turnmebackwards better known as Paul from England.

    My first figure was - Senran Kagura - Hibari - 1/8 (Phat Company) I no longer own as sold most of my collection last year.

    Been playing Witcher 3 on the Nintendo Switch.

    Favourite show - Currently Future Diary.

    Favourite Manga - Death Note.

    Loved Anime so much I needed to take it to the next level which was figures the best type of Anime merchandise.

    So many other hobbies, gaming, traveling, gigs, cinema, music and lots more.

    Favourite animal = Cats.

    Random fact I'm a biker and I own two motorbikes.
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    I'm soo late lol

    Hi everyone, I'm called leith and nice to meet you all. Actually the name doesn't have any particular meaning, I was helping my sister looking for a name on a book about baby names, I randomly flipped the pages, saw that, and it just stuck. You can say I did a George Harrison on that one (like when he wrote "When my guitar gently weeps"). I'm living in Indonesia and English is not my first language (all English speakers on MFC shout: that's obvious leith!! ^^"). I first learned the language by playing english-translated JRPG, but I also like reading VNs, LNs, manga, non-fiction books and watching anime (only after I checked the original first or if it's the original medium). My other hobbies are listening to music, playing guitar and keyboard, cooking and baking, watching football, and learning computer-related stuff. I'm more of a cat person (I find them very adorable and cute) but the rest of my family for some unknown reason hate them and prefer dog instead. 3 vs 1 is no contest, so there is a dog in my house and it's a mix of pom and chihuahua. I'd love to get a cat when I move out.

    Actually my first exposure of Japanese culture happened when I was in elementary school. Pokemon was getting big and everyone owned a gameboy, except me and one other in my class. My parents were not fond of the idea of giving gaming consoles to their children so yeah, I missed that Pokemon Red & Blue. Also in that period, there was a plethora of JRPG available on playstation 1. I got the chance to play them when I owned a PC in middle school, my parents bought them for educational purposes, I did honestly, but I also installed emulators, games, etc hahaha :p I also big on manga in middle school (Naruto had just started) but went on a hiatus since then. After I graduated and worked for two years, I started to rekindle that interest again (I'm still catching up with series I missed). I also noticed my room is very plain and discovered figure collecting. Those three just intersected, like three blue eyes fusion into an ultimate dragon and eat my wallet LOL.
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    name/what you like to be called

    Well it's Esvald (what a surprise). It's from an old online game, and I stick to it because it tends to be free in every online game where you need to name your character.

    where you're from

    Middle of Europe, Hungary. Praying I can avoid import tax everytime. It's pretty damn high.

    what your first figure is
    ITEM #122872 - this one. Still have her.

    your favorite show, video game, or manga

    My current top 4 are currently the Nasuverse (Fate/Kara no Kyokai/Tsukihime), Date a Live, Sword Art Online and Keijo. My collection shows this aside from Keijo which has little to no merch (Di molto bene pls). At least Fate and SAO has a lot to choose from, Date a Live has a healthy amount too, but not a single Keijo girl hurts so bad.

    how did you get into the hobby
    After watching my first anime (SAO) I wondered if it has any figures. It did. So I went for my then favorite character. It's was quite different from the figures I collected before (Hasbro Star Wars) but really awesome. Today I no longer collect Star Wars but the figma army must grow (although the current day 8-10k yen/figure hurts).

    what are your other hobbies
    Gaming, writing, reading, translating, watching anime.

    fav animal
    Dragons and Wolves (so Targaryen and Stark lol)

    a cool fact about you
    I am currently designing my own card game with characters from my favorite anime and games. It's pretty fun until my friend hits nat D20 and gets instdeath on King Hassan against my Touyuguchi Non/Ellen Mathers/whatever strong Defender I was reling on.
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    under the cut because I wrote too much </3View spoilerHide spoilerI don’t normally broadcast my name to people online I’m not familiar with so Erm.. how about Sien? or u can call me by my user bc that’s funnier LOL
    I’m from Oregon, USAhttps://emojipedia-us.s3.dualstack.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/thumbs/240/apple/232/pregnant-woman_1f930.pngmy first fig was ITEM #74852, I found out about nendoroids and was like Yoooo I want an Edward Elric nendoroid but there wasn’t one so I got the next best thing (and look at where we are now)... I spent WAY too much on it getting it off eBayhttps://emojipedia-us.s3.dualstack.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/thumbs/320/apple/232/loudly-crying-face_1f62d.png but i did do lots of research beforehand about bootlegs thankfully. I started collecting manga around 2012 using my measly allowance, but I actually got into figure collecting in late 2014(?) when I stumbled across a picture of ITEM #264423 ‘s unpainted prototype and decided that I Must. Have It. TG was my everything back then (not my thing anymore but hideyoshi nagachika is forever. periodt) and so my lil baby no job little understanding of the real world not even old enough to get my license having ass did what any smart, responsible kid would do and begged my dad for extra money for cleaning the whole house and other various extra chores, Then once preorders opened up on kotous with the bonus head... the rest is history.
    My favorites always are changing but I’d say jojo is one of my top fav manga/series just because of how stupidly fun it is.. genuinely been helping me through my depression idc and I also rlly love.. steins gate... another super fun series that also combines my love of science-y nerd stuff.. I replay the 2 main vns a lot whenever I’m having a particularly bad episode and they never fail to cheer me up :’) luv my girl mayushii.. additional faves that I can think of rn are hxh (ani+manga), cardcaptor sakura, mp100 (ani+manga), golden kamuy(manga), gintama, d gray man(manga)... basically just series I’ve liked for a long time + revisited later that I have a bit of nostalgia surrounding. ANYWAYS I’m getting off track. other hobbies? I love being in nature in general, esp forests and I love to hike and swim though I don’t do either of those very often anymore:( also enjoy stem related subjects, particularly chemistry and physics. I don’t really have a singular fav animal but I’ve always had pet cats growing up and now as well, so I’m very familiar with them and.. could probably call them a favorite? I’ve always loved snakes and found them fascinating, too.
    A fun fact- I’m a natural redhead, along with my 2 sisters, despite neither of my parents having red hair! Another not so fun fact is that I’m very short, petite, and have a killer baby face and thus Always get mistaken for a child (usually anywhere from 11-15) wherever I go </3 Being an adult and having people ask where your parents are just doing simple day to day things like buying groceries is not fun! Just recently, even, I went out to dinner with my parents and got asked if I needed a kids menuhttps://emojipedia-us.s3.dualstack.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/thumbs/240/apple/232/broken-heart_1f494.png might have to start kinning hiyajo maho... anyways wig I rambled My Bad. stan shiraishi yoshitake
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    Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
    name/what you like to be called
    Elise. I use this username a lot lately, and entirely just go by Elise only.

    where you're from
    IL. Home of the nonexistant fall and nonexistant spring. We get w seasons, early fall/late spring and winter, with a little heat here and there. And yes, that was sarcastic. But it's been cold here and I am NOT thrilled.

    what your first figure is
    Tomy Pokemon toys, if they count.
    If not: ITEM #9398 (not sure if mine is real or not though)

    My first more modern figure is ITEM #5966

    your favorite show, video game, or manga
    Manga: Black Butler for sure. I like a lot of them, though.
    Video game: I still love the Lunar series. But for a more modern one, I put a lot of time into Story of Seasons.
    Show: Arthur. I've been watching it since I was like 9, and still find it enjoyable. I also like South Park and Simpsons a lot.

    how did you get into the hobby
    This figure, actually: ITEM #5966, and officially a possible bootleg Sailor Neptune figure (the original looks pretty bad, so it may be real), this figure: ITEM #9398. Mine had the base and wand at one point, so she may have been real.

    I technically got into anime (and indirectly, figures) when I was 8 after seeing Samurai Pizza Cats and loving it, and wanting to see more that looks like it, and had been a comic fan before that even (since I was 6 and read Sonic).
    I was also a Sonic fan at the time. A few years later, Sonic was played on USA network, and I watched daily (as a Sonic fan who missed most of SATAM when it was airing, it was awesome USA had it). I happened to see a Sailor Moon ad, and after a few times of seeing the ad and realizing it looked similar to Samurai Pizza Cats (Luna reminded me of the cats from that anime), I decided to check it out. And LOVED it. This cemented it for me, I really liked shows like this, but didn't know the name. And that TV wasn't the only place I could find them.
    I would also frequent the comic shop at this point for Sonic. (I am going somewhere with this, I promise).
    A few years later, I got into Pokemon. The same comic shop I bought Sonic at and frequented started carrying Pokemon and Sailor Moon merch/comics, which of course was very exciting for me. I saw a Sailor Neptune figure one day while shopping there, and REALLY wanted her, as I had never seen a Sailor Moon toy before. I spent three weeks saving up for her, and bought her. This would officially be my first figure. I also learned other anime (and manga that wasn't Sailor Moon or Pokemon) was a thing due to them carrying issues of manga and anime mags, but that's unrelated. This store is by and large responsible for me getting more into anime, tbh.
    But ANYWAY.
    I had bought toys/figures here and there after that. I had an Escaflowne set by McFarlane toys, a Final Fantasy 8 Selphie figure, a Mimiru (.hack) figure, and I eventually bought the Aeris figure made in the 90s.
    But I thought of these as 'toys', not figures. Figures to me were prize figures, or scales. I had seen them at cons, and saw their prices as being too high for me to get them.
    I only had the 'toys' for a few years, and then received ITEM #5966 as part of the limited edition version of the Negima DVD. I actually knew this was a figure, but I thought it (and the other 5 figures from the other DVDs) were exclusive to the DVDs. A few months later, I was browsing stores at a con, and happened to come across different characters from the same Negima line. And saw they were cheap. And there were a bunch of other small figures I could buy for cheap.
    This actually is how I started collecting for real. I bought those, then petite nendos, and then other trading figures. I then bought nendos (after finally realizing I wanted one and deciding they weren't just overpriced bigger versions of the trading figures), and then bought prize figures (I finally found one for $20 and realized some stores were overcharging)
    And recently, started buying scales.
    Sorry for the long text wall, but the story is long.
    I still have that Sailor Neptune figure actually, and the Negima ones. And I actually still have most of the toy ones (a Mimiru figure, and a Van/Hitomi McFarlane set)

    what are your other hobbies
    Cosplay, writing, and drawing

    fav animal
    Birbs (especially crows/ravens), and I think foxes. But mostly crows. They're awesome birds and fascinating to read about. And to watch.

    a cool fact about you
    IDK what else I can say that I haven't covered.
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    galablue (2 kuukautta sitten) #70129693hi cloudberry! fellow angelino! i actually think you were the one who told me about that store in the mall having tons of fake figures. well, thanks. i actually went last night to browse with my friend to look for stationary, and i was looking at their figures and some of them looked so derpy. you must be going crazy with the fires and wildlife. haha i love how some of us have hobbies that we got in order to maximize our “game”, but now we just have them for life! also i totally didn't know a cloudberry was a real fruit ... i would have assumed it was a neopet fruit or something lol!

    Actually, you're like the 4th or 5th person who thought that Cloudberry is a Neopet fruit lol >.<

    Those Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle are a great store to look at bootleg figures lol. I just go there mostly to buy peach scented car fragrance <3

    Also, as much as the fires suck, they're a pretty normal occurrence. That's why many Angelinoes meme about it:
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    Hi thanks for making a post like this~ I'm pretty new to this community, and not really social because I'm mostly here to keep track of my own collection, to participate in nendoroid splits and to buy figures from other users if I find any that I want :p but I'm a chill person who likes to make friends if there's ever an opportunity to so yep lemme introduce myself too haha

    1) I can be called Candy or candycanes02 which is my username. Candy isn't my real name but it's the name that I'm known by on the internet :p
    2) I study in the States but I'm Panamanian, Japanese, Mexican (? I was born there and I had a Mexican passport until I ditched it for my Japanese nationality so maybe I no longer have ties to Mexico, now that I think about it oops)
    3) My first figure is ITEM #548713 I found her on Amazon as well, and was the introduction to my nendoroid obsession
    4) my favorite show/manga has been Rose of Versailles for years, but recently I watched Attack on Titan and enjoy that one too. there's so many good shows out there, it's hard to pick a favorite tbh
    5) I bought Akko's nendoroid, then I got N (Pokemon) and I was like "they're friggin cute, I need more". And then I realized people made custom nendoroids, and I said "I'ma gonna mess up because I suck at everything including art" but then I was like "ok let's do a very easy one. Tamaki which only requires buying pieces and painting the jacket purple. If I fail at it, I'll know not to continue and won't waste too much money" and thus I did and tbh didn't dislike the result (picture/2309763...) so I was like "actually maybe I'm not as good-for-nothing as I believed" and started doing more artistic stuff on the side of just collecting. now I'm working on multiple nendoroid customs and my first garage kit which might take me months to complete haha
    6) I like creative writing. I used to write only original work, but I gained more of a readership by writing fanfiction so these days that's all I write :p
    7) Dog, especially breeds that have a fox-looking face like papillons and pomeranians
    8) I'm a nerd so cool ain't my thing so I'll just throw the one convenient fun fact about myself, which is that I speak 3 languages (Japanese, Spanish, English) xD

    Nice to meet you~
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    galablue (2 kuukautta sitten) #70129370hi stari! i just finished the monogatari series! my favorite girl is definitely hanekawa, although i don’t feel like they do her justice in the later seasons. i think for that reason, my real best girl in the show might be sengoku. i really connected with her on a personal level and i love my figure i have of her. penguins are my little brother’s favorite animal! they are a great pic. and haha well you can serenade us at MFC any time 8) you learning guitar for a girl but being awesome at it sounds like the beginning to an awesome anime.

    My favorite girl is Hanekawa as well! I have a special place in my heart for Nadeko not as best girl but as best character. The way she her story goes is probably one of my favorites in anime (though I could say that for all of the Monogatari girls).

    Penguins are cute. :D

    I'll try my best. It's been a while since I played the guitar due to college. It could be the start of a slice-of-life anime.
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