kommenttia Which character has the most figures?

  • I was thinking Rem would in the be top 5 but I guess not ∑(゚ロ゚〃)
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    Ah yes Miku! Totally forgot. Didn't know Asuka and Rei had so many too, wow
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    DEFINITELY Miku!! The queen herself yesh
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    Miku has like 1000+ figures, I can't think of any other character that will have more.

    But, if we cast miku aside, Maybe Ayanami Rei and Souryuu Asuka Langley
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    MajesticOtaking Odayaka janai!
    Miku has 1088 figure entries.
    Luffy has 804.
    Goku has 602.
    Pikachu has 804.

    If we were talking about franchise, it's a totally different story.
    One Piece has 6077.
    Vocaloid has 1167.
    Dragon Ball Z has 2942.
    Pokemon, surprisingly, only has 4764 (in the database; I doubt that's really all.)

    I'd be interested to see if someone can find a character with more than 1088 figures, as well as a franchise with over 6077.
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    I agree it is probably Miku

    chiffonpeach2 kuukautta sitten#80327418It's probably Miku
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    It's probably Miku
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