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  • It is a difficult thing not to feel guilt when many of us live in privilege simply by having the disposable income to spend on toys, to look at your collection and feel that it's excessive or a waste.

    But you mentioned yourself that despite these feelings of trepidation the hobby has opened new doors for you creatively and socially, and given you many great experiences.

    Only you can decide when enough is enough. But if you continue to get enjoyment out of something then there's really no reason to give yourself pause.

    If it makes you feel better, set some realistic limits of how much of your time, money and house space you're willing to dedicate without it feeling excessive and as though it is encroaching too much.
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    I believe you shouldn't look so down on your past decisions. The best you can do is plan for your future. Why don't you spend time enjoying all the figures you have already? I personally enjoy "pruning" my collection. I keep my collection active by selling or trading my figures regularly. When I lose interest in a figure I sell it. If you keep buying and selling, then the fun will never end. I will only keep figures I really like. Sometimes its hard to sell a figure but, you'll find something new eventually. There are only so many figures available now. In the future the quality (And price) only get higher. I recommend always having space to expand a collection , so that if there is something you really want, you can buy it. Have you tried reviewing figures that don't have reviews already? Also you are limited by space. If you can't fit anymore, then you obviously shouldn't buy anymore. I am on the hunt for Native/1/4th bunnies so if you want to trade or sell you can PM me. I am also in California.
    11 kuukautta sitten
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