kommenttia Photography: Sakura Saber/Souji Okita

  • Woow! Nice job! ^_^

    Saw a comment about the sakura: I think the sakura tree is bit silly because it's so small. If you get somekind of idea maybe using two tree parts: trunk and brances ( don't show where they connect) maybe that would work... The colors are cool, but there was something awkward about it.
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    I personally think that the photo with the sakura tree isn't actually a bad idea. Despite what you might think, I personally think the aqua color goes well with the sakura tree in the back. However, the only thing I would change is have the figure more in focus with the tree slightly more out of focus. Also, add more vibrance to that image in Lightroom. And you'd end up with a pretty day picture imo.
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    I admire your talent ;A;
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