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Suspicious White Liquid
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Is it milk?

Is it cream?

Whatever it is,
it looks very suspicious!


This is a club created to catalog figures that come shipped with what would seem to be ejaculate or otherwise be suggesting a similarity with it.

+ The liquid/substance can be anywhere from opaque white to clear.
+ Other substances suggesting a parallel with man juice also count. Eg: Milk, cream, lotion, spit.

- The liquid/substance must come shipped with a figure. Please refrain from uploading your own mess gentlemen.
- Shiny skin does not count. It must be modeled.
- Pee does not count.

Please help us find all the applicable figurines on MFC! <3
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Few more:

From BINDing:
ITEM #676121
ITEM #740395

From Native:
ITEM #287156

From Alphamax:
maybe ITEM #731747 (clear liquid between her boobs)

From Rocket Boy:
ITEM #331598

From FROG:
ITEM #872858
ITEM #868791

From Samelap:
ITEM #805951

From Pink Cat:
ITEM #872824

From Dragon Toy:
ITEM #617177
ITEM #669860
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This one might qualify: ITEM #236418 The substance on her finger, in the bowl, and dripped on the floor could be cake batter...or baby batter - you decide.

Here's another: ITEM #696256 (based on this pic - static.myfigure...)
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Obviously sour cream
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darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
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