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I wanna start this club due to user like myself wanting to give up pre orders and find it more beneficial to post all of them in one spot so everyone can see. You don't have to hunt down for a user selling. If you decide to give up a pre order post it here. Who knows some other person could have another pre order You wanted and you could trade with each other. Or maybe you missed pre orders from websites. just check here if someone is selling and skip the after market.

One gives up items for multiple reasons and as you know most sites won't allow you cancel the order.

When posting your orders say were your location is and were you are willing to ship to. Then post the orders and their pages from mfc. Say were the pre order is from. Then state prices you are selling for. Then state if shipping is free or not. If a pre order is given up delate it or cross it off. if a pre order is released before you can give it up it can stay on your post. however no items that are already released should be posted.

If you are interested in a pre order. Pm the person and work out a deal. How the deal works is up to you two

Use good judgment when buying and selling or trading pre orders.
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yakushining your Highness
giving up gothic aoba (ITEM #549359) from TOM. he ships directly to you upon release ^^ pm for details!
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Location: US
Shipping priority mail all across the nation, not asking for any $$ for shipping from AmiAmi to US.
ITEM #675822
13150 JPY + shipping to you.
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Location United States
Selling to US buyer
Pre-ordered from Amiami

ITEM #549355 11,450 JPY + shipping
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Location: Singapore
Selling to all international buyers
Pre-ordered from GSC online shop
Shipping is 2000yen if it's before official release (26/7/18)

Selling for retail price
Pop Team Epic - Popuko - Nendoroid #711 ITEM #522196
Pop Team Epic - Pipimi - Nendoroid #712 ITEM #522197
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Location United States
Selling US buyer only.
I discounted most of the prices but am willing to debate on the prices slighty
Am not sure yet if I will include just a small shipping charge in my amiami pre orders yet.
You do not need to pay now
ITEM #550056 13500 yen ami ami
ITEM #464599 13000 yen ami ami
ITEM #501974 9,5o0 yen ami ami
ITEM #582610 $148 free shipping from tom
ITEM #594458 3,800 yen ami ami
ITEM #604470 9200 yen ami ami
ITEM #567485 7000 yen plus shipping good smile
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