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Philippine Figure Collectors
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We are a group of Anime figure collectors from the Philippines consisting of:

Saber Lords
Samurai Hime
Ninja Banchou
Ecchi Master
Nendoroid Maniac
Figma Hime-Sama
Square-Enix Fanatic
Predator (don't ask ^^;)
Gasha King
The Brothers (raise your hands!!)
Geass Emperor
Miku Oh-sama

Online Community: Otakai Figure Society
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I and a few friends of mine have started a Discord Server for Filipino Figure Collectors who want people to talk to about the hobby.

Come drop by and say hello!

Figure Collectors R Us
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Selling ITEM #236206 for 2k. pm.
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ded group?
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Is this group still alive?
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I am selling

ITEM #61456

ITEM #29883

ITEM #25836

ITEM #19691

ITEM #24262

ITEM #1845

ITEM #1070

ITEM #81270

ITEM #4066

ITEM #29883 (blue Ver. and Pink Ver.)

Don't hesitate to MP for futher details :)
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elix4 vuotta sitten#3399422Hello! Im selling my Koto Hitagi 1/8 for 1.5k php good conditon w/ box

Which Hitagi? :)
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Hello! Im selling my Koto Hitagi 1/8 for 1.5k php good conditon w/ box
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3 questions

Has anyone bought a Anime figurine at Amazon? and do you still have to pay taxes to deliver to the philippines?

Does anyone has any misaka mikoto?

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brucesolmiano No Caffeine No Life.
Hello! Is this group still active?
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