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Found of Max Factory's Figma action figures? Display your passion for these amazing articulated figurines and join the FigmAddicts ^^
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Does anyone have any extra figma 2.0 stands (arm, base and angled adapter piece) to sell? The 2.0 stands, to me, are the ones with arms that bend deeper in the middle one way compared to the other (and have arrows to show that). I got a figma without a stand.

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My Jack the Ripper 4Inch Nel figure had one of her sheath fall off, I was planning on gluing it back with super glue but I want to make sure if there are any other way! (The Sheath is immovable from the figure anyways and does not have any pivot or joints, it's basically a straight piece of rubber)
What do I do!?
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Does anyone have an idea on when Figma Mako will get released or get her prototype? How long does this process usually take?
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May I join?
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I am looking for the egg stand from Figma Berserk Femto figure. I have the Femto himself, but not the egg. If anyone wants to sell theirs, let me know. I could do somewhere around 35$ for it.

Also I am looking for Attack on Titan Figma 3d gear, I only need one.
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~ ~ ~ Sold ~ ~ ~
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Another new member. Not sure why it never occurred to me to join a figma club on mfc, been collecting them for years and managed to snag a couple over that time. Anyways, yoroshiku!
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