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The Official Figure Awards
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Club is open to the public! Feel free to join!

FigureAwards.com, the official accolade for figure awards, recognizes outstanding craftsmanship in the Japanese figure industry. We let you, the figure aficionados, nominate and vote for the the best of the best figures allowing a broader range of choices and greater chance of exposure for often overlooked figures resulting in unbiased and fair results.

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Hello everyone! I apologize for everything that has happened especially the lack of communication. I was not able to keep my word when I said that the website will be back on track. Due to personal issues and too much pressure from school, work and family, I lost a lot of time and motivation to be able to update the website so I sold the domain and rights. If things go well, I might be able to get it back only if I will be able to focus most/all of my time and attention to the website so as not to disappoint everyone again.

I was hoping they would update the website but nothing happened. Rest assured, the unannounced winners got their prizes/giveaways :)

So, how's everybody? I hope you're all doing fine!
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Seems like the site is gone. Oh well it was a long time coming.
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Is it just me or the website is completely dead...?
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I still wonder which is more disappointing...
I'm kind of sad that this site is going down, even if it were without giveaways, it would be nice to have figures of the month/year.

But I'm probably more disappointed by the way Vince let that happen... I don't know his reasons of course, but he clearly lied to us all when he said the site would be back on track etc. etc.

So Vince, maybe if you come here for a last time, find a "successor"?

I was really a fan of you for making this site and going to the trouble of finding giveaway stuff from the companies etc, everything was wellplanned. But even more so it's disappointing how you let your fellow figure-fans down!
At least you should not say it will be back on track, then work a little and afterwards be gone for months without any notice.

Probably the first time I'm that disappointed over something on the net, but anyways, maybe someone else here can make a similar site? Without giveaway and stuff, just for the community to be able to vote every month for their favourite figures?
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xr4v3nxA close one between Xiao Mei (ITEM #45896) and Kanbaru Suruga (ITEM #41760). Xiao Mei takes the spot for the July 2011 Figure of the Month.
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A close one between Xiao Mei (ITEM #45896) and Kanbaru Suruga (ITEM #41760). Xiao Mei takes the spot for the July 2011 Figure of the Month.
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Arachnideruwoh!!! haven't Online for some times because I got some works to do, and now it's back on the track!! congratulations!! ^^

Welcome back! :D
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uwoh!!! haven't Online for some times because I got some works to do, and now it's back on the track!! congratulations!! ^^
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May to June giveaway winners!

www.figureaward... (link fixed)

mikki-maluIt's good to have you back! :)

Thank you for waiting :)
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It's good to have you back! :)
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