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    ITEM #665337 not abs exactly but my girl is quite toned
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    Has ITEM #166442 been added?
    In her unzipped mode, she certainly shows off a tiny torso. Although it tends to get a bit overshadowed by other things...
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    Risty is getting a re-release and is up for pre-order! Get this toned masterpiece while you still can!
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    I've got that same Risty queens blade figure she is awesome!
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    Just want to let you guys know that this club is not dead(lol) I'm keeping the list up-to-date whenever there is any figures with delicious abs comes up. So, feel free to join the club and maybe create some new discussion to help the club seem more active. Well, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
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    Still on the lookout for more pics and figures, if anyone wishes to link or suggest anything please let me know via PM or on this board!
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    Thanks for the invite :)
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    aexonsthx for inv, good thing cuz i'm a fan of tsukasa jun's work :)
    edit: plus theres so much figures to add here, dunno if i can do it myself but i can give you some links XD

    Thanks for joining! I'll be looking around for figures and pics to add, but if anyone can contribute anything that would be great as well.

    An additional thanks to everyone else who joined!
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    YUS!!!!! Nice and sweet sweet curvies ^^
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    negativezero Making Room
    thx for the invite!
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