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A club for all of those out there who love the lovely Homura :D!
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Hi! I joined. :3
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Eyeholes4 vuotta sitten#6044677Can anyone tell me what part if the series is this figure from?ITEM #190460

Probably late reply but it came from the original anime Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika, check the last episode, at the end Homura-chan ended up with being the only one knows about Madokami.
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Can anyone tell me what part if the series is this figure from?ITEM #190460
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Hey guys check out my new Devi-Homu-Chan Display! Also I'm soooo happy that there is a Homura Fan Club, nice to meet everyonehttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/DanteMagica1439776116.jpeg
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Does anyone know if there's a Media entry for this manga yet, or if it was even released in a volume format in Japan? I recently picked it up at a book store, though I can't find anything on it: www.barnesandno...
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Love Homura-chan!!
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I have her - ITEM #140902 in group order, but I decided to not get her in the end. If anyone is interested please PM me or leave a comment on my profile. Her price is ¥9000 + around ¥300 (part of a shipping to GO host) + eventual custom fees (sadly D: ) and later shipping to you (around ¥1300 by sth similar to SAL, can be more or less depending on location and SAL'ability of Homura ).
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it seems like we get new member's every day ^^
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Raithos Stagnant
Oh sh*t we had a fan club?
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Thanks to all who joined,
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