55 sekuntia sittensanzo_reloadsanzo_reload
Can't wait for the painted version!
1 minuuttia sitten (47 sekuntia sitten)KaneelKaneel on Ice
As for the release month she's definitely a variant of item #4835 so she should have the same.
It's possible that she is a variant in this set because it's advertised as being six types/pieces + alpha encyclopedia #90164, which usually means variant or secret.
I'm gonna link these as variants for now.
1 minuuttia sittensanzo_reloadsanzo_reload
I'm loving Lev prototype right now! He's gonna be so cute~!
2 minuuttia sittenKaneelKaneel on Ice
nammy (5 minuuttia sitten) #23897564That contradicts the one already added
item #495149
so please edit it as well.

I fixed it the other way around so your entry matches the other entries added under portrait.
4 minuuttia sitten (4 minuuttia sitten)chaosrealm93chaosrealm93
ehh, the blue swimsuit color matches well with celia.... i dont know about bertille tho.....
5 minuuttia sittensamkaizokusamkaizoku
That`s a bootleg? Damn, I really can`t tell the difference... What is the source for this pic?
5 minuuttia sittennammynammy
Kaneel (13 minuuttia sitten) #23897103I fixed item #602348, these are some illustrated boards based from the description

That contradicts the one already added
item #495149

so please edit it as well.
6 minuuttia sittennammynammy
It's a battery operated hand fan, but idk what that's called. There isn't a classification for that kind of fan I saw.

It's not a clear file, but the other person who added one calls it such.
7 minuuttia sittensamkaizokusamkaizoku
POP! Deku looks like Spike Speigel in more expressive green hair...
8 minuuttia sittenspiritwarriorspiritwarrior
Titan_Scientist (1 päivää sitten) #23860383There are rarer nendoroids, but few of them are in higher demand than him and Midoriya.
I just bought Izuku and am considering buying Katsuki. What other Nendoroids are very rare or in demand?
9 minuuttia sittensamkaizokusamkaizoku
I can`t believe that this prize figure went completely under the radar; even more, a prize figure, $20-30, is now more than double its MSRP.
13 minuuttia sittenKaneelKaneel on Ice
I fixed item #602348, these are some illustrated boards based from the description
16 minuuttia sittensousuukessousuukes walking disaster
He arrived this morning and he's gorgeous, just like the prototype! Uploaded a few quick pictures until I get time to take some nicer ones. He seems a bit bigger than the TKRB scales by Orange Rouge, somewhere between 1/7 and 1/8 scale maybe.

I'll stop rambling now but I LOVE HIM SO MUCH and this figure is perfect. ;-;
16 minuuttia sittenVodkanrollVodkanroll
I would like to see more Oda-non's works became figures. I will pre-order item #549584 as soon has it became available.

It would be great and also painful to my wallet if native produce the complete set of 5 figures:

17 minuuttia sittensamkaizokusamkaizoku
Siona (15 tuntia sitten) #23870715It's already the case (pictures and comments here).
Hm you can`t really make much of the pics apart for some reason, Goku is the same height as Broly; their knees are at the same level even though Broly towers over Goku, and Goku`s hands are relaxed, so I will let my optimism get the best of me and hope that it is what I think it is :)
18 minuuttia sitten0crybaby00crybaby0
I only played the game once and I'm not very familiar with the characters... but those thighs damn....
21 minuuttia sitteninternecinewarinternecinewar
Participated in the ♪ MToy'sworks Collection Niitengomu! Umbrella Charm - Movie High Speed! -Free! Starting Days- 8Pack BOX Split. taime was very friendly and handled everything professionally. Communication was great. I got the items safe and sound. Thanks very much! :)
21 minuuttia sittenRounaRouna
I know this is super late but thank you.

CrysisJD (3 vuotta sitten) #2146244I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !
Happy Birthday ! =)
21 minuuttia sittencecleaXrosececleaXrose
Xerveltal88 (8 tuntia sitten) #23879936Here's my wishlist that I hope megahouse will make:
GEM Digimon Adventure
* Garudamon & Sora
* Atlur Kabuterimon/ Kabuterimon & Koushiro
* Zudomon & Joe
* Devimon
* Vamdemon
* Piemon
* Mugendramon
* Metal Seadramon & Pinnochimon
* Omegamon
* War Greymon & w/ or w/o Taichi
* Metal Garurumon & w/ or w/o Yamato
GEM Digimon Adventure 02
* Hawkmon & Yulei
* Armadimon & Iori
* XVmon & Daisuke
* Stingmon & Ken
* Aquilamon & Yulei
* Ankylomon & Iori
* Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
* Silphymon
* Shakkoumon
* Black War Greymon
* Arachnemon
* Mummymon
GEM Digimon Tamers
* Terriermon & Jianliang
* Cyberdramon & Ryo
* Andiramon & Shiuchion
* Guardromon & Hirokazu
* Marine Angemon & Kenta
* Saint Galgomon
* Sakuyamon
* Justimon
GEM Digimon Frontier
* Agunimon
* Wolfmon
* Fairymon
* Chakmon
* Blitzmon
* Shutumon
* Ofanimon
* Seraphimon
* Cherubimon Vice
* Cherubimon Virtue
* Lucemon Falldown Mode
* Lord Knightmon
* Dynasmon
GEM Digimon Savers
* ShineGreymon & Masaru
* MirageGaogamon & Touma
* Rosemon & Yoshino
* Ravmon & Ikuto
* Sleipmon
GEM Digimon Xros Wars
* Lilithmon

not greedy at all are we allthough I would like
* Garudamon & Sora
* Atlur Kabuterimon/ Kabuterimon & Koushiro
* Zudomon & Joe too as I can not shell out 300 per fig for the first ones of them and the missing 02 kids would be nice :)but dude fuck Digimon Frontier :( not kool man that season almost did digimon in .
22 minuuttia sittenazusamukamiazusamukami
puppincuppie (3 päivää sitten) #23715601she'll look cute with alters maid lala
hmmmmmmm should i po


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