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7 minuuttia sittenVeroxionVeroxion
Ah yes, 'double the tit size' because that's what all the collectors want.

Would have loved it if they DIDN'T do that. :L
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if you have time to stalk various shop sites to hunt for sales (i.e. stay up to odd hours in the middle of the night to catch the beginning of HS sales), then by all means, hold off preordering and wait till after release.

if your life is mostly consumed by your work/professional obligations (i.e. intern resident), then you are better off preordering between bites of lunch and just wait for your package to arrive months later, hopefully as a silver lining on a particularly shitty day, instead of realizing 2 months after the fact that your grail was released and is now sold out almost everywhere except at extortionist after-market shops.
11 minuuttia sittenMidniteZer0MidniteZer0
Selling her for $25! PM me if interested~
19 minuuttia sittenJohnnyMoustacheJohnnyMoustache
I can just feel Nippon Yasan hitting me up for more shipping since they only charged me 5900 yen for EMS when I paid for it.
25 minuuttia sittenhommeducan141hommeducan141
omg very good. Can u please make it with other face ?I still prin this picture, i love it
25 minuuttia sittenmomitchimomitchi
if anyone is selling her (or the motto! super dx plush, the big ones) PLEASE pm me!!! i have been looking everywhere and am starting to get desperate LOL
27 minuuttia sittenHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
KyokiPon (2 tuntia sitten) #26296140I love this song but never was a fan
of the outfits for some of the girls

almost same.xD
28 minuuttia sittenCaptainZCaptainZ
marseille (32 minuuttia sitten) #26302465
Correct there will always be exceptions to this rule of thumb, but I was just giving what the general tend is. A lot of the import sites will kill you on shipping and sometimes customs can also be a thing. At least when it is pre-owned you have a better idea of what you are in for it for.
29 minuuttia sittenNia-kunNia-kun
4catdoorman (1 päivää sitten) #26267161Happy B'Day!!

Thank you so much!! xoxo
32 minuuttia sitten (19 minuuttia sitten)marseillemarseille
CaptainZ (8 tuntia sitten) #26288315IMO, buy used pre owned, and never pay the "be the first to own it" premium. The figures you save on will out way the number of figures you have to pay the premium on. Really every single "regular" release figure's price will e reasonable, it its only the "limited" and "exclusive" figures that tend to be problematic.The main problem with this idea is that pre-owned is not always cheaper. And you can't assume that "regular" releases will always have reasonable aftermarket prices. If a "regular" version becomes hard to find after release and many people are still hunting for it, prices will rise.
I understand that from a statistical point of view, in a broader view, you will pay less for pre-owned figures, but I think the main point here is whether the OP wants to take this risk or not for this particular figure.
34 minuuttia sittenStarNouveauStarNouveau
if anyone is selling this or knows where i can get it pls let me know!
35 minuuttia sittenStarNouveauStarNouveau
if anyone is selling or knows where i can get it pls pm me!
37 minuuttia sittenmomitchimomitchi
if anyone is selling her (or the dokkaan super DX plush, the big ones) PLEASE pm me!!! i have been looking for them everywhere and am getting desperate LOL
39 minuuttia sittenCaptainZCaptainZ
item #331203 is both the most expensive figure I have and yet the one with the most paint flaws. I don't regret getting her because well it's Mash, but now I am very worried Ishitar and Jeane Alter will both be pretty riddled with flaws.
46 minuuttia sittenTatsuTatsu
51 minuuttia sittenmermaidmermaid
Oh goodness, I need the garnet rod! Where can we order these?!

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