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8 minuuttia sittenSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
He looks so good! I love his face and his fluffy lil hair XD So cute!
8 minuuttia sittenMad_DogMad_Dog
OK I giggled.
9 minuuttia sittenSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
I feel blessed T_T
10 minuuttia sittenSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
He looks so precious, elegant, and beautiful all at the same time! I can’t wait to see him painted! I really like his pose and his face looks spot on. Though his butt looks a bit more tame than Victor and Yuuri LOL. But my precious son, I love you ;A;
13 minuuttia sittensnowfeisnowfei snack expert
hipsofkaworu (4 tuntia sitten) #28981471Hi! I read the rules and would love to join if I can!

15 minuuttia sitten (15 minuuttia sitten)skipmilkskipmilk
HypedSniper (14 tuntia sitten) #28966401Happy birthday ^^

Hi! Thank you for the greeting~ ^^

KitsuneKay (12 tuntia sitten) #28969858Happy happy birthday~!

Thanks! Thanks! Haha! ^^
15 minuuttia sittenCicielyCiciely
I groaned as well. It's exhausting to use one damn page.
15 minuuttia sittenShourinShourin
Then you come to the sobering realization that you have the same amount of wished figures as always (or more), you just own more...
16 minuuttia sittengoliathfasagoliathfasa
Hrmmm... Phat branching out I see...
16 minuuttia sittenjrk42293jrk42293
I want this so bad but I know my mom will hate her. She already hated my figma...
16 minuuttia sittenHarcoHarco

I pray they don't give her the Makoto treatment.
20 minuuttia sittenTeruyowTeruyow
mintbunny (26 minuuttia sitten) #28988321March Hanayo & Rin
February Maki & Nico
Obvious popular ships, I bet Eli & Nozomi go together, they have Christmas and Birthstone. But what about the 2nd years? Who gets the sad stand alone UR figure? XD

Umi already has a figure based off her Kotori UR pair so maybe New years Honoka and Umi together? Then they could just do Yukata Kotori to go with the single Umi from their other line, pff

or they could just do Dancer Kotori, Alter pls
21 minuuttia sittenAnimeCowgirl33AnimeCowgirl33
Really gorgeous figure of Kanan! I don't think this is from the Idol Festival line since it just says Love Live Sunshine, but anyway. Will definitely be keeping my eye on this one!
(I'm sure they are making a different Kanan for the Love Live School Idol Festival. Alter also did swimsuit ones for some of the girls from Muse and technically this could be consider a swimsuit one)
24 minuuttia sittenOsomatsuOsomatsu
Better than the others
He looks perfect
24 minuuttia sitten (24 minuuttia sitten)ShikareeShikaree
Amazon FBA is not going to pack figures anything close to what a figure shop, or individual sellers, will do. You might get some token filler but it's more to look like someone did something rather than actually help protect items.

Keep in mind that for almost every other product category, the purpose of the product box/packaging is store shelf display and shipping protection. The packaging itself is not part of the product. That is why it's entirely reasonable that Amazon FBA, and almost all general purpose retail fulfillment services, do not really put much effort into packing.

That said, if you don't care about the figure box, most blister packs are designed such that they adequately protect the figure inside.
25 minuuttia sitten (21 minuuttia sitten)azaziel666azaziel666
She came out quite nicely. I really hoped that the needle would look less transparent

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