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    JuuzousAnimegirl17 tuntia sitten#80124216snip

    I dont give a freak who made them and where they were made. Using official/fanart designs w/o permission is illegal and bootleg. The ones they sold even have fake kimetsu no yaiba logo and tags. Doe you dont add those shit to homemade plushes. Thats clearly violation of property rights. Besides I find them on sales on aliexpress so lmao (for $5 ea). I saw another reputable user selling the authentic thing for a lower price lmao this guy is shameless. Sorry Im just so pissed.... (눈_눈)

    Also that gal lmao its actually very typical of mercari I think. At this point Im used to dealing with retards on that site. It might be funny reading it but its just pure suffering to experience, literally. And I dont PO or hold for people on mercari, cause I've heard way too many stories of people ditching and to be honest I dont really need money... And you are so completely right LADIES if you need weeks to get $10 I highly suggest you have your priorities right

    And you are completely right - I have the same impression that mercari is building towards an efficient (tbh more like inhumane) marketplace. Im more than fine with 0 communication but some buyers are really rude and annoying... oh lord... (눈_눈)
    The bootleg booty looks like it has had a porn career XDD
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    kyaaa19 tuntia sitten#80110226Vocês já usaram Surface para figures? É seguro?
    Na hora de tributar eles costumam não acreditar no valor declarado e pedir mais informações?
    Eu tenho algumas figures que a Big in Japan está segurando, mas estou pensando em mandar por Surface. Mesmo sendo tributado, se eles tributarem o valor que eu declarei, ainda vai sai mais barato do que SAL SP (Se tivesse sal SP disponível hoje), porque eu mandaria umas 4 figures de uma só vez e o preço do Surface é ridiculamente baixo.

    Também queria opiniões do pessoal a respeito disso, não para agora, mas estou pensando em pegar em lote figuras que são baratas (que não passem de 7 ou 8000 yen) mas que as caixas são grandes pra SAL SP e mandar vir junto por surface. Minha dúvida é mesmo na questão da tributação. Se eles respeitarem o declarado pra mim seria tranquilo, eu iria declarar o valor correto ou proximo dele.
    Rikoei2 päivää sitten#80031775I want her I don’t need her but I want her so badly ahhhhh why does she have to be so expensive? I can afford her but I should be saving my money

    Just ...don't. This is A LOT OF MONEY.
    And in the end...it is just a piece of plastic. Pretty plastic, but still...plastic.

    Like one commenter said below. For that money you get HANDCRAFTED art...instead of mass produced figs from China.

    I am at a point where I am debating to stop collecting figures because the prices are generally too much.
    It was different some years ago where the figs cost around 7-9k yen.
    Nowadays, I don't even see such prices anymore.
    They ALL have one more digit and start pretty much with at least 13k Yen. Even the plainest figure.
    That's...just not normal anymore.
    Figs are starting to reach prices that you would pay for busts and statues. (that have better materials, more detail, more complex design, are much bigger, etc.)
    giyunosakedaikon18 tuntia sitten#80124032hahahah i think i know who you're on mercari. im also selling there. yeah people's tastes vary a lot i understand. but for real ppl have bought 100jpy for $17... im like come on dude...
    Im also selling my stuff there and tbh those ppl make me wanna hit the wall... its like well i dont mind selling it for say $15 but hey if ppl sold a 100jpy postcard for $17... lmao vicious circle
    and the bootlegs and stolen prints... its really disappointing... i reported every single one i saw but none of them have been taken off or the seller being banned. Its just... the environment is really bad. there's this guy who sold **so many** bootleg withcat plushes www.mercari.com... i stg... >_>

    Those are stock photos. How did you know they were counterfeit? It says homemade. I’ve wanted to report people, but I didn’t think there was a rule in there about not selling bootleg figures. Plus, Mercari just sends automated messages. They are pretty worthless. They gave me one more warning that I will banned if I give out personal info again, and my messages get deleted when I try to bring repeat buyers to Instagram. Not to sell to them outside Mercari, but to be able to communicate. They say it is for safety. No. They just don’t want you taking the sale outside Mercari, because then they can’t rob you of 10%. So, now I use code phrases with hints that won’t trigger the system. Or I say *****gram. It’s ridiculous. We are all adults. I feel like a child being monitored. Chats close on there, and after that you have no way of contacting the buyer. They obviously discourage buyer/seller communication, so it’s difficult to form any kind of business or reputation. I sell some stuff high. Some of the keychains. The nicer ones. I am hurting for $$$ badly. My figures (mostly Monster High dolls I have sold), I sell for more than fair prices. And I don’t mind getting an offer $10 cheaper on high priced items. But what pisses me off is when I have a keychain listed for like $15, and people offer me $12. Like, really? You needed those $3 extra dollars? I will counter with $14, and then they will counter again with $13. At which point I decline, because I don’t have time for that nonsense. One girl recently asked me to hold a keychain for her. I hold stuff all the time for up to 10 days. My repeat buyers who I know will buy, I will hold longer. She wanted me to hold it for a month, because that’s when she “gets paid”. If you can’t afford a $15 keychain, I can’t help you out. I’m not holding something for a month. Plus she wanted to bundle two things and I went through the trouble of making a new listing. Then she offered a price of $3 less. Come on. We just had this long ass conversation. And you didn’t think to ask if I could lower the price? I declined. She drives me CRAZY all day. She asks these stupid questions and every single one of them begins with “I was wondering”. Literally every one. She asked me “I was wondering. What anime are popular and have a lot of rare keychains I can buy?” That makes no sense. I take requests from repeat buyers and pick stuff up they want at Mandarake. She was sending me photos of keychains asking, “I was wondering. Do you think you can find this. When will you have it?” I’m fine with her sending photos. I told her that I wasn’t placing an order until at least August because I am tight on money due to all these anime figure PO bills and the fact that I have very little income from my business because of this damn pandemic. Then she asked me the next day, “I was wondering do you think by August sometime we might have the items we are looking for?” Do you have amnesia? Then, “I was wondering do your regulars do they buy a lot of things?”
    Followed by, “Are you helping other people to find items?”, which was the whole point I made to her. And more, “I was wondering after you put in your order then what happens?” Five minutes later, “I was wondering when you get the items can you let me know?” I literally just explained to her what happens in detail. “Ok I was wondering how long do you think it will take to find the items?” “I was wondering do you think someone will buy before August because that is when I get paid?” “I was wondering the Tanjiro acrylic Keychain is it not a pre order?” WHAT? “I was wondering. The back of the Tanjiro keychain, what does it say?” I don’t fucking know. I don’t speak Japanese and it’s tiny. “I was wondering do you think another seller might have it?” I explained to her that she needs to search for the item. I wanted to ask her, “I was wondering. Do you think someone other than you will buy this keychain anytime soon so that I can sell it?” Then she asks, “I was wondering do you have enough to do a order?” At that point, just shoot me in the face. Scoop my eyeballs out with a melon baller so I don’t have to read any more of her nonstop, nonsense questions. I was questioning whether or not I was being trolled. But I’m not. She is legitimately asking these stupid things. I know that was tedious to read. Hopefully maybe it made you laugh. I wanted to demonstrate the torture. Haha.
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    Hazzy119 tuntia sitten#80109799:)
    You wont regret it. Its hard to believe she's going for so cheap at the moment.

    Wow you are right, she is really cheap now, even the standard fishnets version I'd be going for...
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    Your inbox is full. Looking to buy one of the items you have listed. Message me to discuss payment, etc.
    Sooooo beautiful! I love the atmosphere in this photo. I've never considered taking portable lights like this before but I see they can achieve great results in outdoor images. Love it!
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