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Shizuka is a kunoichi and the leader of Hinomoto's Kouma Ninjas. A money-grubbing assassin, she couldn't care less about the affairs of the battle as long as she gets paid; she just hates working hard in general and instead has a personal group of ninjas to aid her.

View spoilerHide spoilerIn the anime adaptation, she fought Tomoe (in a flashback) but lost to her greater skill, and as a result became her aide-de-camp in her quest to free Hinomoto. She seems to have defected from her evil ways as a result of this, becoming more of an easygoing person in addition to abandoning her leadership over the Kouma. In the second anime adaptation, it is revealed that she has an intent of killing Tomoe by posing as her friend, and was later killed by the latter with her horned headband given as a trohpy. This, however, turned out to be a lie as Shizuka wanted to kill off Tomoe's only weakness, and was willing to sacrifice her own life to do so. This makes her the first official character to die on-screen in the anime and in the Queen's Blade franchise. Shizuka does not have a game book of her own, yet has appeared in all other media.
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