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Sadi is a Chief Guard of Impel Down. She usually wants to be addressed as Sadi chan.. Her name comes from the word sadism. As such, her entire character motif is based on sadomasochism.

Sadi-chan has long unkept orange hair that covers her eyes. She resembles a dominatrix in design.

She dresses in a very skimpy red (hot pink in the anime) devil-themed outfit. Her outfit covers only the top half of her exposed breasts with laces that hang down that are also featured around her waist. She has long sleeves that slope into stylized rips. Around her neck, she wears a scarf-like cape that is white on the outside and pale pink on the inside. She carries around a pitchfork and wears a headpiece that resembles horns. She wears candle-shaped earrings and high-heeled shoes that come to a curved tip decorated with spikes.

Sadi-chan is a sadistic person who enjoys bringing pain and torture to others, including Marine allies, and can't seem to get enough of their screams, getting sexually excited hearing them. She also seems to have extreme pride in the virtually perfect defenses of Impel Down, and refuses the assistance of the Marines.

She also tends to add "mmmmm--!?" in the middle of her sentences, and insists to be addressed as Sadi-chan, much as a dominatrix would insist on being addressed as "Mistress".

Sadi-chan is a chief guard of Impel Down with some authority over lower ranking subordinates. Being in command over the Four Demon Guards, she is considered "stronger than four of them combined", much that they cower in fear whenever the sadist gets angry.
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