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Shirakiin Ririchiyo
Shirakiin Ririchiyo
Original name
白鬼院 凜々蝶




Ozawa Reido - Inu x Boku SS - Shirakiin Ririchiyo - Comics - Doujinshi - Ririchiyo-sama no Oshiri Medetai (Sekai Kakumei Club)Kink - Inu x Boku SS - Miketsukami Soushi - Shirakiin Ririchiyo - Comics - Doujinshi - Himitsu no Gohoushi (Tortoiseshell)


Age: 15 Years Old
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 21st
Height: 145 cm (4'9")

Ririchiyo Shirakiin is the main character of the story, currently resides in room number 4 of the Ayakashi Kan, and is the master of Soushi Miketsukami. Ririchiyo is constantly in distress about not being able to communicate with people properly and decided to move to the Ayakashi Kan in order to be alone. She later befriends Karuta and Banri, who both attend the same school and live in the Ayakashi Kan.

Ririchiyo has dark violet hair, a light complexion (skin color), violet narrow eyes, and a small stature.
She wears many different type of clothes, but is mostly seen wearing her black deep v neck dress with four buttons on each and no sleeves. Underneath, she wears a white long sleeve ruffle blouse. Also, she wears plain black shoes and gray thigh length socks.
In her youkai form, she has two curved in horns and a red flower attached to her left horn. She has a long black scarf with crimson red butterflies across it, topped off with gauntlets. She wears a dark red hakama, but with a miniskirt. Her legs are complimented by her black leggings, on her lower back there is a tied demon mask. There is speculation as to whether that mask belonged to the ancestor who passed on his demon lineage to her. She is slightly taller in her youkai form due to the fact that she wears high heeled Zōri.

Ririchiyo does not make friends easily because of her family name and her natural haughtiness. She has been called a tsunshun instead of tsundere because she gets depressed (shun) instead of getting modest (dere) after behaving in a conceited manner. However, friends who get to know her well will understand her better, although other strangers may be insulted by what she says at times.
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