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Kamisama Hajimemashita - Mizuki - Tomoe - CD - Character Song - 01 - Itsudemo Kimi no Mikata! (Pony Canyon)


Formerly the shinshi of Yonomori shrine, he was left alone for several years after his kami died. He suffered from extreme loneliness during this time, creating a fantasy world for himself centered around the plum tree his kami had loved. Still, boredom and curiousity often drove him to make exploratory trips outside Yonomori shrine in his snake form.

He first met Nanami after slithering into her school's hallway. She saved him from her classmates and released him outside. He was quite taken by her kindness and beauty, and decided to make her his bride, marking her arm as a token of their engagement. However, thanks to Tomoe, the wedding didn't go exactly as Mizuki had planned.

As time passed Mizuki grew more and more fond of Nanami and the other inhabitants of Mikage shrine, often visiting and even accompanying them on vacation to the seaside. When Tomoe is kidnapped, Mizuki is so admiring of the bravery of Nanami's efforts to get him back despite the overwhelming odds and her own very limited abilities, he decides to become her shinshi as well.

Tomoe and Mizuki often do not get along well. Early on Tomoe understandably resented Mizuki's presence at the shrine, and they still fight regularly. The one thing that bonds them is their mutual affection and loyalty for Nanami, and their desire to protect her at all costs.

Mizuki had led a very sheltered life until he met Nanami, something Tomoe scathingly points out on more than one occasion. Inexperience notwithstanding, Mizuki can be very clever and even manipulative. He still loves Nanami in his own way, and so is very jealous of her obvious affection for Tomoe. He has tried several times in various ways to drive a wedge between them, without success. He is extremely naive and is shown to possess a child-like wonder and innocence in the ways of the human world and the things in it. As he continues to spend time with his new kami and her friends his world has expanded, but he remains by and large a rather goofy, loveable baby.
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