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Ageha Mia
Ageha Mia
Original name
上葉 みあ





Mia Ageha is a girl aiming to become a Prism Star, and is the main character of Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. The self-proclaimed leader of Prizmmy☆, she hates losing, and ends up getting others involved as she moves ahead towards her goal. Because she holds the belief, "Mia is number 1", she challenges the legendary Aira Harune to a Prism Show battle by cutting MARs' Prism Show and running up to the stage. She stands in front of MARs and said "I'm here by the grant that I'll beat... Aira Harune!" as she pointed to Aira. She has a childhood friend in elementary school which is Hye In, and as such, her best friend from PURETTY is Hye In. Mia and Hye In are rivals as well, they lived in 2 different countries: Japan and Korea. Hye In is originally a year older than Mia, but that doesn't matter to Mia because she has known Hye In for a long time.
Japan's #1 Collector Toy Company

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