Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
Shinjou Remi
Shinjou Remi
Original name
新城 礼美


Yakin Byoutou - Shinjou Remi - DGP Yakin Byoutou (Millennium)Yakin Byoutou - Shinjou Remi - DGP Yakin Byoutou Figure Collection 3 - Swimsuit ver. (Millennium)Yakin Byoutou - Shinjou Remi - 1/6 (Yamigyou Art Works)





View spoilerHide spoilerChief nurse in the maternity ward at St. Juliana Hospital, she is presented as extremely bossy and harsh, especially towards Ryuji, thus becoming the first nurse to experience the doctor's sadism to its extreme. She is not "clean" from the beginning, and Ryuji calls her a "killer nurse" from time to time: it is later explained that Remi is responsible for the death of a patient while under the knife, as she incorrectly administered the anesthetics. She's also the only one of the four Nurses who isn't a virgin, which is why Ryuji gives her such rude remarks as "Slut", and "Loose Whore".

While tortured and abused like the other nurses, she struggles to maintain her life and sanity until the very end, when she is forced to recollect everything from the beginning. This drives her mad, and her last scene depicts her laughing maniacally, her sanity completely lost while being interrogated by the police.

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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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