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Bandai ShokuganBandai Shokugan

Bandai Shokugan
Bandai Shokugan
Original name
バンダイ 食玩





Bandai Shokugan is dedicated to producing a wide range of low priced high value fun character goods from popular properties like Gundam, Evangelion, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Kamen Rider, Tiger & Bunny and More!
Company Overview
"SHOKUGAN (食玩)" originally refers to a combination of high quality inexpensive toys paired with a piece of candy or gum sold on confectionary shelves.

Carefully developed by Bandai, it has a 30 year history in Japan and is loved by all regardless of age or gender.

SHOKUGAN are toys ready out of the box and their size enables collectability from a wide variety of available series.

Contrary to its low price value, high quality tooling such as specific character expressions and a variety of detailed paint applications can be found in every product.

In recent years, SHOKUGAN has expanded to various regions including Asia. And now SHOKUGAN will continue to build across the world.
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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