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Dragon Quest IV: Michibikareshi Monotachi - Sofia - Dragon Quest Character Figure Collection 3 (Square Enix)Dragon Quest IV: Michibikareshi Monotachi - Sofia - Dragon Quest Character Figure Collection 3 (Square Enix)




The Hero in Dragon Quest IV is an 18-year-old man or woman prophesied to defeat Psaro and save the world from the rising tide of Demons. As the only person able to wear the Zenithia Equipment, he or she is the only person in the world capable of doing this. To stop this from happening, Psaro and his minions attempt to eliminate the Hero before he or she can take up arms, but, fortunately, fail.

Uncommon in the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest IV allows the player to choose their character's gender as well as their name (similar to Dragon Quest III and Dragon Quest IX). The Hero's name is up to the player, a Dragon Quest staple, but the default names are Solo for the male and Sofia for the female.

On one starry night, a Zenithian fell from the sky castle of Zenithia. She subsequently fell in love with a human woodcutter and, together, they produced a half-human, half-Zenithian child - the Hero. Shortly after the child's birth, the angel returned to Zenithia and the woodcutter went to live in solitude. The Hero was then brought up by two loving foster parents in a small village near the woodcutter's hut, to be protected by the denizens of the settlement until he came of age. He or she grows up alongside his or her childhood friend, Eliza and proceeds to train with a master swordsman regularly. However, the Hero's peaceful existence wasn't to last; eventually, Psaro's minions discovered the secretive village and assaulted it with the objective of assassinating the eighteen-year-old. They slaughtered all the villagers who stood in their way, including Eliza, who died whilst masquerading as the Hero with her transformation ability. Thinking that they had defeated the real Hero, the minions of Psaro left the ruins of the village. The Hero, after witnessing the savage ruins of his or her home, leaves to embrace his or her destiny as a hero.

During his travels, the Hero encounters the seven other 'Chosen' and they form a group to stop Psaro's evil plan to make use of the Secret of Evolution to destroy the world. The Hero and his companions go on a quest to retrieve all the pieces of the Zenithia equipment which they then use to gain access to Zenithia Castle.

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