Mirage Farina Jenius
Mirage Farina Jenius
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A 18-year-old pilot of mixed human and Zentradi ancestry who is the only woman on Delta Flight. On one hand she takes pride in her duties as a pilot, but on the other she is serious and inflexible. She is former pilot in the New U.N. Spacy before being scouted by Delta's captain, Arad Mölders. Mirage comes from a family with a long history in the Macross universe: she is the daughter of Miranda Jenius, the niece of Mylene Flare Jenius from Macross 7, and granddaughter of Max and Milia Jenius from the first Macross series. Due to her family lineage, she constantly faces the pressure of living up to the reputation of her grandparents. When Hayate is recruited into Delta Flight, Mirage is assigned as his training officer, much to her dismay. They fought for a while due to their opposite personalities and piloting techniques, but then they gradually understand and support each other, notably in battlefield.
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