Original Character - Mari-chan (Wing)Original Character - Mari-chan (Wing)¥ Osta¥ Osta

Original Character - Mari-chan (Wing)
Nimike (otsikko)
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Just noticed her earrings say „Diner“
26 päivää sitten
boooo, turns out it's just her hair and not actual cat ears :(
26 päivää sitten
What a holy grail-- I'm really digging this somehow hhhhh
1 kuukautta sitten
This will be an immediate buy
1 kuukautta sitten
Is she a neko? Guess I'll be keeping an eye on her
1 kuukautta sitten
Elf / Neko ... so who is it? XD
Otherwise, a very original idea (concept) of a charming waitress on roller skates and a bar stool has potential!
1 kuukautta sitten
Really really cute concept art. I’m buying this.
1 kuukautta sitten
This is so super cute, i can't wait to see it!

p.S I don't know, but is wing a good manufacturer? or good figures
1 kuukautta sitten
Oh wow an elf neko waitress on wheels. Looks like a anime version of Hooters. Hopefully it will not take too long before they come out wirh the prototype.
1 kuukautta sitten
ohdiss1 kuukautta sitten#96304912I've imposed a no-maid policy for my collection, I wonder if she counts

Nope, she’s like a Sonic waitress. You good
1 kuukautta sitten


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