el. with "REIDEEN" (Kaiyodo)
Nimike (otsikko)
Mittasuhde & Mitat
H=210mm (8.19in)
07/2007 As Standard
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Got this one second hand as part of a four figure collection sold through an online auction. Previous owner probably didn’t display the figure as it looks like the tie downs might never have been undone. Nice figure but I’ll probably leave it in its box given its age.
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gksilkamina By the Power of Gitaroo
Reideen keeps breaking. It's like no amount of super glue will keep that darn electrical beam thing attached. One of the wires likes to come off as well. :/
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Why is this figure so bad ? ;__; The chara-design was good, why ?! ;___;
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8 vuotta sitten
Do her goggles come off? It'd be nice to be able to resculpt, or even just repaint her hair...
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Very disapointed with this figure the real thing does not have any of the facial features as the preview image above. No eyeshadow or skin tone at all and the hair is nothing more than a cheap gold-color helmet that really doesent fit with the realistic tones of the rest of her outfit

I purchased her knowing this but dident expect the diverence to be so huge as when i finally got my hands on her. her body is sculpted great from her belt down to her gloves this same quality can not be found in the head however and somehow i find it hard to believe its done by the same manufacturer

Regarding packaging the box isent the best, unlike the below poster my figure did arrive in one piece but her pants are scratched despite it coming new out of the box and careful unpackaging.
She'l be staying on the background of my collection.
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Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
Im very very proud of her.
Instead of blaming why she arrived broken (Reideen is held in her hand, and the box isnt perfect like other boxes, so Reideen broke but I fixed it) Im showing her as one of the best figures.
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