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Superman - Supergirl - DC Comics New 52 ARTFX+ - 1/10 (Kotobukiya)Superman - Supergirl - DC Comics New 52 ARTFX+ - 1/10 (Kotobukiya)

Superman - Supergirl - DC Comics New 52 ARTFX+ - 1/10 (Kotobukiya)
Mittasuhde & Mitat
1/10  H=195mm (7.61in, 1:1=1.95m)
01/30/2014 As Standard
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Anyone willing to sell just her box in good condition for $10? I accidentally got a loose one off of Ebay...
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Selling, brand new sealed SALE #118558
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tacotouchdown (3 vuotta sitten) #3107286I know it's been a year or two from her release I hope they make a Red lantern variant It would be amazing!
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Selling mine 35$. figure in perfect condition, never opened. shipping worldwide. PM me for the photos.
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I know it's been a year or two from her release I hope they make a Red lantern variant
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Her hair is also great. I keep suggesting to my female friends that they should try a cut like that but none have heeded my advice so far. oh well
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I love how the light bounces off her blue suit and how the matte finish red cape controls the brightness from the blue reflection. the diamond holes on her knees fit very well and if you look closely, her eyes become alive.
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Got my next to supps! the magnets on her feet makes it stand-able on most metal surfaces.
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Hello. I got mine yesterday. I the painting is pretty good and I specially like the shiny metallic colors of her uniform; we can imagine that it is made of some Kriptonian flexible metal. I think that her family crest (the S emblem) shoud be a little bigger as it is in the comics. I actually like her new look, however the exposed knees are a fail, the boots should have been all red. The sculpt is good to, her body have good proportions and her face is beautiful. Her blond hair have a little of glitter on it. There are two problems regarding the sculpt though; her feet seems too big to me and her collar bone is too pronounced... well, maybe these are features of the Kriptonian fisiology, I don't know =)
Regarding the quality control there are some problems too: mine have pretty bad seam lines on her left hand, there are also other less noticeable seam lines here and there, like on the sides of her thighs. Her knees are actually separate pieces glued on the boots; the right knee of mine isn't perfectly fitted in her leg making obvious that it is a separate piece, it's an unsightly defect that irks me.
Her cape isn't removable, so it's hard to take a peek of her butt. It seems to be glued on her body, so even if we pull her head off, we couldn't take off the cape. Well, unless if you think that the damage it would cause is a fair price to take a good look of her butt.
The base is just a big black square common to all the figures of this series. It's too big for her, I'll replace it for a round plate of metal if I can find one. The magnet under her right foot isn't as good as the conventional pegs, she falls off the base very easily.
Overall score: 8.5/10
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Pr0wler (4 vuotta sitten) #1988754Uploaded a few shots for now

Thank you.
Her face seems a bit odd, yet acceptable. I'll see when I get her.
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