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Limited edition of 100 worldwide, signed and numbered.


I'm surprised to see someone actually added this here! But then Peter's statues deserve no less. His sculptures capture the dark and gritty details of Souls so well they feel like they were ripped straight from the game. Proud to own this one.
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I have #51 of 100 and I have to say that this is one of my favorites. The craftsmanship of it and the fact that it's handmade leaves it with a beautiful unique feeling. Perfect for any Dark SOuls lover. They're limited to 100 so if you want one you may want to look into getting one soon. www.etsy.com/ca...
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There's a collection of a bunch of different characters from Demon's Souls and Dark Souls by this sculptor if anyone's feeling up to adding them to the database: www.etsy.com/ca...
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