Splatoon - Inkling - Amiibo - Amiibo Splatoon Series - Ika no Sugata (Nintendo)Splatoon - Inkling - Amiibo - Amiibo Splatoon Series - Ika no Sugata (Nintendo)¥ Osta¥ Osta

Splatoon - Inkling - Amiibo - Amiibo Splatoon Series - Ika no Sugata (Nintendo)
05/28/2015 As Standard
05/28/2015 As Standard
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Triple Set contents:
Inkling, Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy


In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥10,416)

Product page : www.ninoma.com/...
Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 97 USD | 88 EUR | 129 CAD
In stock @ Neokyo
Today, 6774 yen on Amazon Japan.
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Only ¥250 fee, 45 days free storage.
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I'm selling this figure for $25 with free shipping to the USA.
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In stock @ GoodsRepublic
Free Shipping worldwide from Japan.
Sold at Goods Republic ==> goodsrepublic.c...
These things are apparently so rare but along the way I accidentally got 2 of the 3-pack. LOL

Selling/customs time, methinks (unless my brother decides he wants it in the end..)
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there's a brand new one on amiami! (jp version of course!)
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There were 3 single packs of this Inkling at Toys XL in the Netherlands for only €14,- a piece. :)
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sekkekers impulse buyer
i have the boy and girl amiibo but i really wish i had picked up the 3 pack when i had the chance
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Saw some stores restocked on the 3 pack In Canada a couple days ago, not sure about US.
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Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.



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