Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/6 - Ver. Glint -Senkou- (Orca Toys)Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/6 - Ver. Glint -Senkou- (Orca Toys)¥ Osta¥ Osta

Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/6 - Ver. Glint -Senkou- (Orca Toys)
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1/6  H=290mm (11.31in, 1:1=1.74m)
08/06/2019 As Standard
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Thank you mates!
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The teeth... why?!
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shiara11 kuukautta sitten#65541830I finally received my Asuna today only to discover it has some really terrible paint smudging, especially on the torso and legs.

Thank god there’s someone else I though I was the only one. Mine came in today and there what looks like smudges (guess it’s a bad paint job) on the legs and torso nothing like the factory pics which looks clean.
9 kuukautta sitten
Hmmm. Even without the "minor" imperfections, it still isn't a justifiable buy for me. It doesn't look like Asuna at all. There's no use for a dynamic pose if the face is very different. I get that they're trying to give their own take at it, but I will take a simple but well recreated figure of my favorite character any day of the week. I'll put this Asuna in the same tier as Kadokawa's Haregi Ver. (sitting in kimono),the Undine Ver.from Emontoys, and Aquamarine's "the flash." Really good from afar, but fails to deliver upon a closer inspection

RealityRush11 kuukautta sitten#66257327Which part of the paint do you think is sloppy? Is there something in particular that stands out and I'm not seeing? It's all pretty precise, besides a bit of the scuff I found on the ankle. Not GSC/Alter levels necessarily, but pretty close. Even the red shading on the outfit is very much like the production images (I had to double check that because at first I wondered if it was a mistake, but it's not, it's just accent shading). I pretty much only buy pre-painted scale sculpts and think she's comparable to most of my nicer ones regards to paint quality. The nips... well, yeah they aren't preferable. I'm not a fan of the Batman nips, but they fold into the outline of the chest-plate fairly well, and most people that have seen her don't even notice if I don't point it out. If it drives you nuts though, you can't exactly unsee them, definitely. One of the more questionable decisions they made on this figure, but it's Orca Toys, if pointy nips are the worst of it..... well, could've been much worse. They make a lot of lewd stuff.
The teeth thing has actually grown on me. I have been looking around at people's mouths when they have them just barely ajar like that, and generally speaking, you will only seen their front two teeth hanging down from the roof of their mouth. The difference is you have the contrast of darkened/empty mouth on either side of them IRL, and not in this figure, well also that most people's teeth aren't stark white. They wanted to do something different than the standard pressed lip line, and I'm pretty okay with it, they did okay. Imo it makes it looks her mouth look more natural than if there was nothing but lips. I can understand others not liking it, but as I said, it's definitely grown on me the more I've looked at it, especially in person vs pictures where the lightning emphasizes some weird things.
The pose though is something you just don't get in any other Asuna figure, which is immensely disappointing. Every other Asuna figure doesn't take advantage of her weapon or badass outfit, so I'll happily take an imperfect figure with minor flaws that still looks way more badass than any other sculpt of her, than a boring stance painted/sculpted flawlessly. To each their own though :)
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